Lots of excitement

Posted: Friday, March 14, 2008 by Travis Cody in

There's so much coming up in the next couple of weeks.

Follow the arrow. Nirvana awaits in just about two days for hoops wackos such as myself. On Sunday evening I'll be carefully studying my bracket, trying to figure out whether my teams can make it through to the Final Four. And maybe one of my teams might make it to championship night on April 7.

For the last two years I've been able to take the first two days of the tournament off from work. This year I got my days approved again, so I'll be parked in front of the 42" Plasma, following as much of the action as CBS decides to show.

But that's not all.

Monday marks the return of Dancing with the Stars!!! Before you ask...yes, the reviews will return every Tuesday, with results recaps on Wednesdays.

This first week features six couples dancing on Monday, followed by the other six pairs on Tuesday. Then all 12 couples perform once more on March 24, with a double elimination on Tuesday, March 25.


I can't promise that I'll be able to provide dance clips this time around. Last season it was tough to find the clips. Youtube is getting squeezed by copyright issues. If I can find video clips, I'll certainly post them as encores. And you are encouraged to post your favorite performances in comments.

I'll be sure to remind you of all these particulars as we go through the season.

Now, just when you thought one dancing show was plenty...on April 3, a new dancing show debuts on Bravo. The show is called Step It Up And Dance. This is from the website:

Whether it's a music video one week or a Vegas spectacular the next, Bravo's new dance series will feature challenges in which the dancers audition for a range of parts, designed to showcase their versatility and moves. As the competition gets fierce and contestants are eliminated, only one person will get the final "call back" and the chance to perform, with the ultimate dancer winning $100,000.

I'll be checking this one out.

But wait...there's still more!

So You Think You Can Dance returns for season four on May 22. Whereas DWTS is an entertainment show with a celebrity cast that has exposure to gain but really not all that much to lose, SYTYCD is a talent competition that strives to give young professional dancers exposure to casting agents and choreographers.

And there's some damn fine dancing on the show. If you've never watched, and you enjoy dance, give it a try. I review the performances and recap the results for this show too.

I even have some of my excitement level back for The Show That Will Not Be Named. I could be enticed to bring my dialing finger out of retirement.

Two years ago I cast as many votes as I could for Taylor Hicks. I remain a loyal and steadfast member of Soul Patrol.

This season I have been impressed by David Cook. His performance of Eleanor Rigby by The Beatles gave me chills. I could certainly see myself voting again for this young man.

And check out this version of Hello by Lionel Richie.

Yup...I could vote for this guy. Even better, I'd buy the CD.

The Dodgers begin their 50th year in Los Angeles on March 31 as they host the San Francisco Giants.

I'm still a little sour on the game of baseball. Well, I'm sour on the drug cheats. But hope springs eternal on Opening Day and my Dodgers have a new manager in Joe Torre and a good mix of youth and veteran experience. And the NL West could be the best division in baseball, so if whoever takes the flag is going to earn it.

Whew! YAY for spring and summer entertainment.


  1. jennifer says:

    I enjoyed watching these clips from American Idol very much. I don't follow Idol, but this guy has my vote from what I saw. Eleanor Rigby is pure poetry and he sang it SO well!


  1. Jeni says:

    Trav -I just had to come by and thank you so much, from the very bottom of my heart, for your comment on my post about autism and my grandkids. Your comments made me cry! And that is not necessarily a bad thing ya know! If only more people shared your opinions about autism, mentally challenged, disabled -what a better world this would be!

  1. DrillerAA says:

    David Cook has been very impressive.
    Thanks for the reminder about Dancing With the Stars. It's one of my wife's favorite shows. I'll stop by for reviews.

    Have a great week-end.

  1. Would you believe I remember when the Dodgers left Brooklyn.

  1. Matt-Man says:

    I love March Madness and it so much more fun now that my son plays Basketball and lives and dies for it. Cheers Travis!!

  1. the teach says:

    Well, Travis, you're all set up for the Spring and Summer with your avocations. I love a guy that can dance! :D

  1. We only get the show that must not be named 'live' over here, and I wholly agree that David Cook is awesome. In fact, I think most of them are awesome as well!

  1. Akelamalu says:

    I'm still into Dancing on Ice here and it's the final on Sunday - can't wait!

  1. You know the drug cheats aren't limited to baseball, eh? Glad you're psyched about all of the upcoming events. Reminds me of Charles at the beginning of football season. *L*

  1. Linda says:

    I haven't been watching AI at all this season so the clips were nice to see and - wow! - impressive, too! His version of "Hello" was the one that gave me goosebumps. If this guy doesn't win then there's something wrong somewhere. Of course, like Simon said, if it doesn't become a popularity contest versus a talent competition he has a very good chance of winning the whole thing. The trick is for the show to remain a talent competition and that's where it gets tough.

  1. Dixie says:

    Tony and I will have our rear ends parked in front of the tv too this selection Sunday... all I can say is

    GO TIGERS GO!!!!!!!!!!!

    Oh and they won again today... yep, yep...

  1. YAY for happy Travis days!!!

  1. Travis says:

    Jennifer: He's really very talented and I'm looking forward to seeing him progress.

    Jeni: I've always tried to make it a priority to remember that different doesn't mean inferior.

    Drilleraa: It's one of our favorites as well.

    Sarge: I'm glad they came west.

    Matt: It's the best time of the year.

    Teach: We need to get back in a class or two this summer.

    Terra: There are about five that I wouldn't mind if they won.

    Akelamalu: You can go from one right into the other!

    Lana: Yeah...I don't like any drug cheats in any sport.

    Linda: Right now I'm hoping he makes it as far as top 5. I think that gets him enough exposure where he can get a record deal for at least one CD release.

    Dix: Yup. It's nearly down to a 6 game season.

    Lois: Woooooooooooo!

  1. Sanni says:

    The German edition of the show that must not be named started a few weeks ago in Germany. I think it´s the 5th time for us... the "real" shows will start tomorrow.

    Happy Friday, my friend!

  1. Pauline says:

    All that dancing has left me quite worn out...looking forward to your reviews!

  1. Julie says:

    Oh Travis! I so enjoy watching David C. Man, he is good! Dancing shows! Yikes.....sounds like a lot of TV coming up!

    Bring it on!!

  1. I'm all aquiver waiting for March Madness, bay-bee! This will be fun! I think my Dawgs can dance pretty far this year, maybe even to the Sweet 16, depending on where they are seeded and in what region.

    Can't wait 'til Selection Sunday!

  1. Travis says:

    Sanni: Do you have anyone interesting on your show?

    Pauline: Me too! I can't wait!

    Julie: It is a lot of tv! But the Bravo show will have to prove itself.

    Songbird: I think you might be right about Butler. Based on conference tournament play, they could be the best of the Indiana teams.

  1. UCLA...big smile.

  1. UCLA...big smile.

  1. Kimmie says:

    David Cook got me on his side this week with Elenor Rigby. That was an amazing version of it. I happen to really love that song also! I totally agree, the strongest singers are really showing up!

    Sure have alot of great TV coming up! I will look forward to coming in for your reviews. :-)

    I don't watch much Basketball...I am a Football Fanatic! Tee hee hee! Go Bills! Yes, I live right down the road from the Stadium! Yep, I Love My Buffalo Bills...no matter what! True Blue Bills Fan! They will get it right one day!

    I will try to watch some of the basketball games, its just the squeaking of their sneakers on the court drives me crazy! LOL!


  1. Travis says:

    Katherine: They managed to survive all comers, didn't they?

    Kimmie: I suspect that this is going to be a very entertaining spring.