Encores and results!

Posted: Wednesday, April 09, 2008 by Travis Cody in

Just a quick note before we get started. I had a lot of problems tonight with my internet connection. My laptop kept crashing so it was tough to make rounds. Plus I'm having some trouble with pain. So if I didn't get to you, be patient with me and I'll catch up by the end of the week.

Yikes! I got carried away again with video. Sorry gang!

It was a good show last night with some excellent performances. So how about a few encores?

First up, we have the Paso Doble from Cristian and Cheryl.

We certainly must have another look at the Paso Doble from Kristi and Mark. The judges can pick nits all they want, but there's very little wrong with this performance.

And let's see a beautifully seductive Viennese Waltz from Jason and Edyta. Not perfect...you can't trip and be perfect despite what Carrie Ann and Bruno thought...but it is a wonderful dance.

Now Shannon and Derek had a perfect Viennese Waltz. Shame on Bruno and Carrie Ann...one of them should have thrown a 10 because this dance was as good or better than Kristi & Mark or Jason & Edyta.

Now let's have some results!

First up we have Cheryl Crow in the ballroom! She sang All I Wanna Do, while Tony & Edyta and Fabian & Julianne danced Samba. Cheryl Crow y'all!

The judges, for reasons passing understanding, select the Paso Doble from Adam and Julianne as their encore choice.

Who's safe, you ask? Jason & Edyta and Kristi & Mark, I reply.

We got ballroom kids. And these kids are actually competing for scores from the judges. And check it out...they do a video introduction for the kids. This is great!

Aaron and Daniella perform Samba. They perform to Under the Sea. She's a real performer and he does a great job of featuring her. She's 8 and he's 9. Len says he was bitterly disappointed because the dance was too short! Bruno says it was so much fun and he called Daniella a little tropical goldfish. Carrie Ann said wonderful job.

Aaron and Rashell perform Paso Doble. These kids are both 8. They are so dramatic. He is powerful and in charge of the dance. Wow! Bruno said they might be small but they have an enormous fire power. Carrie Ann said she loved it because it was dynamic. Len said it was sharp and precise, full of fire and passion. The DWTS clip wasn't up yet, so here's a different clip of these two kids.

The judges select Aaron & Rashell to come back and dance again. Both pairs were terrific.

And now Cheryl Crow returns, accompanied by International Latin champions Delyan Terziev and Boriana Deltcheva.

Oh yeah! This is a results show! I almost forgot. Who's safe now? Marlee & Fabian.

Everybody still with me? There's a lot going on tonight. Hang in there...we're just about done.

Cristian & Cheryl and Mario & Karina will return next week.

For the first time this season, we get the bottom two. Priscilla & Louis are in the bottom two while Shannon & Derek are safe. Adam & Julianne are in the bottom two, which makes Marissa & Tony safe.

Adam & Julianne are out, so Priscilla & Louis will return.

YAY! Now the competition is on.

Next week it's the Festival of Tiny Costumes...Latin night! It's Samba and Rumba bay-bee!

If you're a Memphis fan, skip on down.

This has been an NCAA Tournament tradition since 1987. The song was written by David Barrett in 1979. Here is One Shining Moment 2008.

Congratulations Kansas Jayhawks.

The women settled their tournament Tuesday night. Congratulations to runner up Stanford. Led by All America senior Candice Wiggins, the Cardinal upset #1 ranked Connecticut to advance to the championship game and just came up short against too many athletes.

Pat Summit and the Tennessee Lady Vols are NCAA Champions for the 8th time. Coach Summit is an astounding 983-182. She has the most wins of any coach in college basketball, men or women.

Good ole rocky top! Wooooooooo! Rocky top Tennessee!

Now I gotta go get some ice for my shoulder. Later babies!


  1. Linda says:

    Ah, the Paso Doble - now there's a dance I wish I could do simply because it just sounds so sexy even just saying it!

    Great review post as always, Trav!

  1. Janna says:

    I have nothing coherent to add to this, but would just like to mention that I really like tacos.

    Oh, and I'm back.
    Sort of.

  1. Bond says:

    I had the TV on as we did the Radio happy Hour and watched. I saw bits and pieces of the kids and they looked wonderful. At one point, I thought I saw Priscilla getting booted and I was flabbergasted, then realized FINALLY Adam was going.
    Congrats to TN on their championship - great wrap-up...sorry about the shoulder my friend...

  1. Kimmie says:

    Thank You for the Re-Cap Travis! I watched but fell asleep at the end and didn't get to see who got voted off. I think it was the best choice also. I actually started to like Adam, but as far as talent goes, he needed to go.

    Well, I picked Kansas and they WON! Hows that for a non basketball watcher! Whoo Hoo!

    Didn't care for our guy David Cook's performance last night. What did you think Trav?


  1. Kimmie says:

    Opps...forgot to add...

    This video of the basketball tradition was very moving. It gave me the goosebumps.

    I am so happy for Kansas, but so sad for all those unhappy faces of all the other players that lost during this tournament. In my opinion, none of them are losers! They are all winners in my book! :-)
    Sorry you are in pain my friend...I hope you get some relief soon.

  1. Sorry about your pain.

    two of my colleagues are Kansas fans so they are very happy.

  1. Marsha says:

    Do you think 'Cella was surprised to find herself in the bottom two? She shouldn't have been, she'll probably go in the next two weeks.

    btw Kimmie - our city could not be prouder of those players! What an awesome group of men.

  1. Mo says:

    Hey did you see Secret Talents of The Stars last night?
    Mya, a singer, tap-danced and didn't win - but her dance was awesome. It was the first time I "got" the excitement of watching other people dance on TV.
    I thought of YOU.

  1. last night I am sitting in the bar at a restaurant in Indiana (hours ahead of you) with half a dozen members of my fam. I ask what time it is...9:05?

    without thinking I ask the bartender to tune in ABC on one of the tv screens...no big deal...until DWTS comes on.

    I get totally razed and insulted. No one can believe I am watching this...until I mention Marlee...and Pricilla...and Kristi...next thing I know they are all watching...smile.

    I think I made new converts...

    (hope your shoulder gets better!)

  1. Travis says:

    Linda: Paso isn't my favorite style, but I definitely enjoyed watching the little kids dance it.

    Janna: The love of tacos is always an appropriate thing to share.

    V: I was concerned about her bottom two finish. She and Louis need to step it up, but the fanbases may have settled in and it could be too late in the game for her.

    Kimmie: Nice pick on Kansas...good for you! I thought DC did pretty good. It wasn't my favorite of his performances, but I thought he did ok.

    Charles: I was hoping for a good game and we got one, so I'm pleased about that.

    Marsha: I think you might be right about Priscilla, but it'll be a shame because I think she does pretty well.

    Mo: I didn't watch that show...Too many other things going on.

    Katherine: So many people miss the entertainment value because they just won't give it a chance. It makes no pretense at being anything but cheesy fun. And when you check it out, you get to see some really talented dancers. Those kids made the show last night too!

  1. jennifer says:

    I am so sorry that you are having computer problems AND shoulder problems. I hope you are up to snuff soon.

    I like it when you get video happy! Love watching them.

    I do not like it when you sing Rocky Top. ICK.

    (grudging Bama-fan respect to the Coach - she really is great)

    Feel better soon!


  1. Julie says:

    Those kids are sensational! I can't imagine the discipline they have!

  1. Leigh says:

    Travis-stop by my blog and see what Fabian and Marlee sent me. These people are just the best!

  1. Roger says:

    A couple of shots will ease that pain
    Trav! :D

  1. I have to say, Carolla was entertaining =)

  1. Travis says:

    Jennifer: That's likely the last time I'll sing Rocky Top.

    Julie: I'm looking forward to more of these kids!

    Leigh: I'll be by shortly!

    Roger: Shots of what thought?? LOL!

    Starr: Some, but not enough to get me past the annoyance factor.

  1. BeckEye says:

    Later, Carolla!


    Sorry, I can't stand that guy.

  1. Grandy says:

    I missed the encore night...so glad I could count on you to fill me in. ;)

    Adam blew chunks...glad he got sent home.