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HA! You thought it was going to be a post about the NCAA championship game, didn't you?

Nope! Not when it's live from Hollywood!

Tonight our remaining couples dance either Paso Doble or Viennese Waltz.

The Paso Doble should have the flavor of a Spanish bull fight. The man is the torero or bullfighter, and the woman is the cape. This is for all of my Lady visitors who miss Maks.

The Viennese Waltz is one of my favorite dances, characterized by simple and elegant rotational movement around the floor. This is Karen and Marcus Hilton, who are nine time professional international standard world champions.

And now, let's see how our celebrities do.

Kristi and Mark dance Paso Doble. Kristi got called out for lack of emotion last week. She's much more expressive in this Paso. The music was crap. Mark had some very technical choreography, but it was really difficult to follow because of the lousy music. The dance did have the drama and aggression that characterizes the dance. She's so good right now that the judges are beginning to raise their expectations for her. Judges say 10,9,10 for a total of 29. Well! I didn't think it was perfect!

Priscilla and Louis dance Viennese Waltz. This was the first time we didn't really care for Louis' choreography and that's probably because of the music. The music wasn't elegant or classy and that's what Viennese Waltz is all about. We expected this dance to be beautiful and we didn't think it was. She acted it well, but there were technique problems. They also got called out on the lift. Judges say 7,7,8 for a total of 22. The 7's may be a bit low.

Adam and Julianne dance Paso Doble. It was certainly entertaining. Julianne put in the difficulty in the choreography. He managed to stumble through all the steps with the aggression of the Paso, but it's really time for him to go. Somehow he gets the proper music for his dance and the better dancers got crap. That just makes me grumpy. It sounded like the judges were damning with faint praise. Judges say 6,7,6 for a total of 19. That may not be enough to defeat his fans, but it's the right score.

Marlee and Fabian dance Viennese Waltz. She's Always A Woman to Me...that's waltzing music. It was a little slow for a Viennese Waltz, but it was elegant and romantic as it should have been. They told a wonderful story with the dance. Technically she had a few problems with her posture, but it was a beautiful performance. Judges say 8's across for a total of 24. There could have been a 9 in there we think.

Mario and Karina dance Paso Doble. And the questionable music continues. You can't Paso to Higher Ground. He had to fight the tendency to funk the dance out. We thought he danced better than last week, but damn that music! He had the aggression and the drama with some difficult choreography. The problem I think is that he dances with so much aggression that it almost becomes frenetic. Judges say 8,7,9 for a total of 24. The 9 is too high.

Jason and Edyta dance Viennese Waltz. He's so light on his feet. His frame was wonderful. The difference in their size really could have been a problem in this dance, but it wasn't. They had a little mis-step, but that had elegance and class and a bit of seduction. It was romantic and sultry. They told a wonderful story together. He was a terrific lead in that dance. Judges say 10,9,10 for a total of 29. No no no no! You can't throw a perfect 10 with the footwork stumble. NO! It was a wonderful dance but it wasn't perfect.

Cristian and Cheryl dance Paso Doble. Powerful, aggressive, dramatic, sexy. That was really good. They had the perfect Paso music and Cheryl had some excellent choreography. They were sharp and crisp and passionate. Pam says Cristian's HAWTness factor is rising and about to go off the charts. Oh Matt? Cheryl was on fire! Judges say 9,8,9 for a total of 26. Yup.

Shannon and Derek dance Viennese Waltz. Derek injured his neck during a rehearsal so Jonathan Roberts came in to help. Derek choreographed a beautiful dance and trooper that he is, the show must go on. This dance was romantic and elegant and simply gorgeous. Guess what gang...that was the dance of the night. Outstanding! That's a perfectly classy Viennese Waltz. Judges say 9,10,9 for a total of 28. Yup...but let's get another 10 for that performance.

Marissa and Tony dance Paso Doble. Well done! She had attitude. The dance was difficult, strong, powerful, dramatic, and far from boring. She danced well and held the character through the entire dance. Her technique was great and the performance was flamboyant. Excellent job. Judges say 8's across for a total of 24. Good for her!

Here's how they stand after tonight...

29 Kristi & Mark
29 Jason & Edyta
28 Shannon & Derek
26 Cristian & Cheryl
24 Marlee & Fabian
24 Marissa & Tony
24 Mario & Karina
22 Priscilla & Louis
19 Adam & Julianne

We really enjoyed the show tonight, except for a few questionable music selections. Pam and I are split again...I cast six of my votes for Priscilla and the other three for Marlee. Pam voted for Shannon and Jason.

Next week is the Festival of Tiny other words, it's Latin night!

Cheryl Crow will be in the ballroom for results.

Congratulations to Memphis for an outstanding season, but our national champion is Kansas. The Jayhawks came back from a 9 point deficit to force overtime, sealing the deal with a 24-8 run at the end of the game and in the OT.

Rock chalk Jayhawk y'all!


  1. cathy says:

    Superb post, thanks Trav.
    I'm not getting round as much as I would like to, I wish real life would go away and stop hitting me with stuff that needs dealing with.

  1. Marsha says:

    First, thanks so much for sharing Maks and Mel again, I LOVE their Paso. Second, let's see Christian and Cheryl again!!

    Well, yep, that was Memphis down the tubes this time....heartache, nothing but heartache.

  1. DrillerAA says:

    Thanks for the dance update. I was working on the 'puter last night 'til the game started.
    Generally speaking, the music has been unappealing this year on DWTS and, at times the vocals have been horrible. Something needs to be done in that area.
    The game was a night to remember. You can live or die by the foul shots and the killed Memphis down the stretch.

  1. Matt-Man says:

    After much talk about Memphis' foul shooting problems it finally came to light at the most inopportune time. They could have put Kansas away. Cheers!!

  1. Bond says:

    Travis...Who the F selects this music? WTF are they thinking? Is this supposed to be "How well can you dance when we throw a crap soundtrack at you"????

    As i have said in private...ONE of those foul shots at the end, out of the three that missed and the game is over... Or a foul when Kansas took the ball with 10 seconds to go...

    OH well...Hell of a run...Congrats to Kansas

  1. Totally agree with your commentary. As I commented earlier, the choice of New Order's Blue Monday done by that HORRID band was so very wrong even Kristi couldn;t save it. Don't get me wrong, I adore that song. Best selling 12 inch dance (as in 90's club, NOT ballroom) single of all time. I just hated it for that dance and most of all as song but whatever hack that was in their band.

    I am too the point where the awfulness of the band is ruining my enjoyment of the show. It's like bad drunk, but unfunny, karaoke =(

  1. DrillerAA says:

    OK, I was being kind. I actually agree with Bond. Where are they getting this music, and who is doing such a pitiful job of picking and arranging it. It really Sucks!!!

  1. Akelamalu says:

    Thanks for the update Trav. The pasa doble was superb, though I didn't care for the music much.

  1. jennifer says:

    It has taken me THREE tries to read and comment today. TOO much real life stuff going on interfering with with my blogging. The NERVE.

    So Kristi is not a sure thing? I'm surprised. I can't watch your show (gasp) but I really thought she was gonna do it.

    I liked the first video. There was a LOT of ballet in that particular presentation. Is that usual for that dance style?

    Be blessed.


  1. Travis says:

    Cathy: Well, fewer visits makes each one that much more special. Cheers!

    Marsha: You are welcome and your vote is duly noted.

    Drilleraa: We've been a little disappointed with the music this season too. And yeah...the poor free throw shooting finally caught up with them at the wrong moment.

    Matt: It sure did. But percentages will out and they were due for it.

    V: They say that 10 seconds is a long time in a game situation. Well, sometimes it's as short as it sounds for a player or a coach when he's trying to figure out what to do. Tough loss for those kids.

    Starr: There are times when hit the mute button and just watch the dance. Silence can cure a lot of the distraction of poor music.

    Drilleraa: I know!

    Akelamalu: That was another case of the dance being way better than the music.

    Jennifer: Kristi might still be the best bet, but it looks like she's gonna get a challenge. I had to go back and watch again...Paso should be strong, aggressive, and dramatic. The extensions and turns are designed to emphasize those qualities, so I guess some ballet movements might help with that.

  1. Roger says:

    Congratulations to Memphis, great post Travis!!

  1. This comment has been removed by the author.
  1. Trav,this is a great posting.
    Now I want to address some other business.awhile back you had told me how to do something and I misunderstood what you were telling me,our neighbor over at maryswrittingnook explained to me the same thing but in a little more simpler way and I finally got it right.So with Grerat big thanks to the both of you,as I said in my posting. Bu the way I have been given a new award and because you tried to help me,I think you deserve it as well,come on over and grab it.Since you know my blog pretty well from past visits I think you will find the one I want you to have if not here is a hint look for the coffee cups.

  1. jennifer says:

    I getcha about the strong and dramatic. It works in ballet too! I think I saw some foitte (?)action on that video!

    I came back by to tell you to go over and see Leigh, if you haven't found her already. She is on my side bar, under Alabama bloggers. She went to school with Fabian and she is campaigning for he and Marlie to win. I told her to come see you too! She is well written and I like her blog a lot.

    G' night, sleep tight, don't let the bed bugs bite (I recommend that you keep a CD case handy) LOL!


  1. Leigh says:

    Hey! Jennifer (Dust Bunny Hostage) pointed me your direction. I too and biig on DWTS. I always have been but this year my highschool budu, Fabian is dancing. Read my post last Sunday...the phone call I got! He is the sweetest thing!
    I thought their waltz was great (I cried). I hope they stay in it! I breathed easy tonight when they were made safe...

  1. Travis says:

    Roger: They had a great year and just came up short.

    Mike: I'm glad you finally got it figured out. Sometimes it just takes some experimentation. That's how I learned how to do most things on my blog.

    Jennifer: Thanks for the referral to Leigh's site. I didn't get a chance to check it out last night, but I will today.

    Leigh: Welcome! I think Fabian is fantastic with Marlee...they make a terrific partnership. I'll be checking out your site soon.

  1. Julie says:

    Mmmm Maks! Yeowza!

    Nuf said!