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Posted: Tuesday, May 27, 2008 by Travis Cody in

I came across some scolding in my travels about the bloggosphere yesterday, which kind of surprised me a little bit. Some would suggest that "people" don't understand the significance of Memorial Day anymore. They accuse "people" of failing to properly recognize the sacrifice of service men and women who make the freedoms we enjoy possible.

I've been around for awhile. I have yet to personally encounter anyone who didn't incorporate the remembrance of The Fallen into their Memorial Day activities. I think that the way we honor the sacrifice of The Fallen is an individual choice, subject to our own personal preferences and feelings.

Isn't that what they died to protect?

So if you took advantage of a sale yesterday to buy some new furniture or a new vehicle, or if you hosted a bbq, or if you went for a drive, or if you went to the movies, or even if you just stayed home and enjoyed having Monday off, I'm sure you paused and reflected on the brave service men and women who gave their lives in service to this country, protecting your right to observe the remembrance in the way that seems best to you.

Anyway, that's just my 2 cents adjusted for recession.

And now, I'd like to say a great big THANKS to everyone who played and spread my first meme around the bloggosphere. I really appreciate it!

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And since it's very weird not to be posting about Dancing today...


  1. In the UK we remember the war dead on 11 November. It is often a poignant day. And the nearest Sunday to it, the Queen leads remembrance, as Remembrance parades are made all over the country.

  1. Roger says:

    Thats a great way to put it on Memorial Day Trav, a very good post. I am going to have the meme up tonight, have a good'en.

  1. Akelamalu says:

    That's a great post Trav. As Anthonynorth says our Remembrance Dayh is in November, but everyday is a good day to remember our fallen heroes.

  1. I definitely think most of us had good thoughts toward those who have served this country, and us, yesterday. I certainly did. And your yesterday's post was a big part of that. It came awfully close to making me cry. I won't say how close.

  1. Linda says:

    I hope my post yesterday didn't come across as scolding as that was never my intention, I just wanted to remind people, or perhaps educate them, as to the origins of the holiday.

    The main reason I chose to do that was because of all the people I work in dispatch with, not a single one of them knew the reason behind Memorial Day. Not one.

    Add on the fact that while watching on TV the Memorial Day Service at Arlington National Cemetery with President Bush laying the wreath at the Tomb of the Unknowns, they were so busy cracking on the President that they missed the point of the ceremony completely. Whistling along with "Taps" just seems a little irreverent to me.

    Perhaps our schools just need to do a slightly better job in educating students as to WHY they have a day off, especially considering it's easy to confuse Memorial Day and Veterans' Day.

    Alright, I will climb down off of my soapbox now - didn't mean to climb up there to begin with!

  1. Preach it Travis. I certainly did do a moment of silence for all those who have served, given their lives and those now serving. I thank them each and everyday. Have a great day Travis. :)

  1. I think there's a whole "they chose it" movement in our country. Since there's no longer a draft, people who die in wars must have wanted to die there. Or something like that. I don't agree, I just see it here in Denver where there's a lot of military.

  1. Bond says:

    HURAH Travis...perfect post...

    And in response to is not the schools that have to educate our children to what Memorial Day is is the parents...talking to their children about the relatives who have served and either giving thanks they returned home or honoring the fallen for their service to our country

  1. Trav,if a person wants to spend the day doing such things as BBQ,looking for a new car,looking for new furniture that's fine.I have run across people that for some reason think it just a good thing to have extra time off,not careing why they have the holiday.

  1. You make a valid point. I'd add to it, but Vinny said it is already perfect. You covered it well!!

  1. TopChamp says:

    You write so well - it makes perfect sense.

    People do get weird bees in their bonnet sometimes.

  1. Travis says:

    Anthony: We remember all Veterans on 11 Nov.

    Roger: Thanks for doing the meme!

    Akelamalu: You're right...we should always keep them in mind.

    Charles: Thank you Sir. I think the majority of people do remember.

    Linda: Sorry dear. I should have been more clear. I had some time yesterday to to some random surfing and came across some bloggers who decided they knew best how to remember The Fallen, and anyone who didn't follow their idea wasn't properly respectful. That bothered me and prompted my post. Those people are entitled to post what they like in their space, and I didn't really want to call any more attention to them other than to suggest that honoring The Fallen was an individual choice. Your experience with your co-workers must have been disappointing, especially since you come from a service family.

    Sandee: I think most of us respect and appreciate the sacrifice.

    Claudia: I haven't encountered that attitude, but I'm sure there will always be some who are too short-sighted to understand the troops and their commitment to duty and service.

    V: I think it falls to all of us to distinguish between our trooops who serve because it is in them to do so and the government policy that puts them in harms' way.

    Mike: It must really be disheartening to meet people like that.

    Bud: Thanks! I think our community understands, and I don't really want to be part of any community that doesn't get it.

    TC: Thank you dear.

  1. Dana says:

    You're absolutely right - our veterans fought for our freedom, but I do feel we owe them a minute's worth of our time to think on them and respect them.

    As a mother who lost her son in Iraq said, "He didn't lose his life...he gave his life."

  1. jennifer says:


    Very well written! Great thoughts all. Freedom, bought and paid for.

    Wanted to tell you that your Peace Globe that you did for Mike was FABULOUS! He seemed to be very proud of it.

    Have a great week Travis.


  1. I can't believe anyone would scold you for anything. Off with their heads!

  1. Leigh says:

    It is a weird MOnday w/o DWTS.