NFL Sunday observations continue

Posted: Sunday, September 07, 2008 by Travis Cody in

Flipped over to the Jets-Dolphins while lunch is heating up. Watched Brett Favre do what he's always careless with the football. Sometimes he gets away with it but this time he evaded the initial rush, but on the scramble he didn't take care of the ball and the Miami defender knocked it out of his hand. The Dolphins recovered the fumble.

The Jets challenge the call. Replay shows that the ball was knocked out of his hand before his arm was going forward. The play stands as called and Miami takes over just outside its own 10 yard line.

Oh...lunch is leftover beans and rice. We like to make white rice and then add chili beans in a mild to medium sauce. Then we'll add some Tony Roma original bbq sauce. Yum-OH!

I forgot about the interludes in my last post. Sorry about that. I'll try to do better this time.

OK, let's see if the Seahawks can get something going in the second half. It has stopped raining for now in Buffalo, so no more excuses for dropped passes. And Seattle has a pretty good rhythm drops so far and a couple of good runs from RB Maurice Morris.

But now the Bills pressure Hasselbeck and get the sack, and then there's a false start penalty. The rhythm is disrupted and Seattle faces 2nd down and 22 to go. Now they have to take a time out.

Geez. Another false start penalty coming out of the time out. And now they have to punt.

I just lost several thoughts as blogger decided to crash and I wasn't able to save the post. While I was fixing that, the Bills ran a great fake field goal for a TD and now lead Seattle 26-10. And if you guessed that Pam is not happy, you'd be correct.

Now on the ensuing kickoff, the Seattle return guy tries to make something happen and ends up fumbling. Buffalo recovers. You gotta love the extra effort, but at the same time you just have to secure the ball.

Buffalo goes right for the knock out blow and scores again. It's 34-10 now.

Patriots QB Tom Brady has not returned to the game against Kansas City after suffering a knee injury in the first quarter. New England continues to lead the game 17-10 behind a TD pass from back up Matt Cassel to WR Randy Moss.

If this is a serious injury, the AFC East may become a wide open race.

Buffalo is dominating now. And Seattle looks like the same lousy road team they were last season.

Well there's a positive play for the Seahawks as they block a field goal attempt. But the offense goes nowhere and Seattle punts again. Nice.

Oh! I need an interlude. Let's see, how about some shoes? These are Versace gold metallic leather peep toe pumps, retail $660 but you can save 20% on and get them for $528.Uhm...$660 for a pair of shoes???? Now I'm a guy and I get all thumpy when I see a shapely calf tapering down to a well turned ankle and a lovely foot slipped into an enticing peep toe pump. But $660????

OK, now all we're looking for from Seattle is to get something positive from the offense in the last 7 minutes of this game. Get some good line play, run the ball effectively, get a few completions, sustain the drive, and get some points. And don't give up any more points defensively.

Well, they did get the sustained drive all the way down inside the 5 yard line. But the Bills defense stood up and held on 4 downs, so the Seahawks get no points.

Alrighty then. I guess it's a good thing that 9-7 is probably going to be good enough to win the NFC West. It's back to the practice field for Seattle to work on...well, everything.



  1. Anonymous says:

    I'm not a big sports fan, but just wanted to say hello!
    Sending you big hugs!!!!

  1. Jeff B says:

    Sending my condolences to Pam. It's going to be a looooong week on the practice field for these guys. I actually lost interest pretty quick in this one and spent most of the morning watching the Jets-Dolphins game.

    Late game: It really irritates me that Fox decided to air Dallas-Cleavland instead of the more regional action between the 49ers and the dirty dogs from the desert. (Ya Songbird, those guys)

    Owens has once again proven his unsportsmanlike antics on the field. Granted that end zone celebration was tame by his standards, but still he knows it's going to draw a flag, yet he does it anyway. Damn showboat!

    Thanks for the recap Travis. And the shoes killed me!

  1. lisa ryan says:

    Travis, you are a true host - putting those interludes in for those that don't follow football.
    Hope you are doing well :-)

  1. Yo, Jeff, we're FORCED to watch the Cards, regardless of whether we want to or not. At least they had the decency to win their game. Hubby is NOT happy that his Brownies fell down today; otherwise, it would have been a great weekend in football.

    Well, judging by how the Colts are playing right now, maybe not...


  1. Jamie says:

    At $660 I think you may be paying for the foot wearing the pump and everything attached.

  1. Jamie says:

    Oh!!!!! Dodgers back in First Place. Die Arizona Die!

  1. Hey trev, I saw your red beans and rice and now I have gas

  1. Travis says:

    Lois: Big hugs right back atcha!

    Jeff: It was a tough game. But she is an optimist. Next week is big though...both the 49ers and Seahawks need to bounce back.

    Lisa: I do try.

    Songbird: Crap is right! Manning needs to get himself together. But I guess it's tough coming back from an injury when you've never had to do it before. Let's hope he gets his confidence back.

    Jamie: GO DODGERS! WOOOO!!

    Sarge: I'm sure it happens.

  1. Janna says:

    Beans and rice are good.
    Though of course mine need to be extra hot and spiced up.
    There's nothing quite like flaming farts.

  1. Kimmie says:

    I'm sorry for Pam that my Buffalo Bills beat her Seattle Seahawks. We still friends??? ;-)

    We will be dancing soon!!! Whoo Hoo! That we will be in agreement upon.
    Hugs Friends!