NFL Sunday observations

Posted: Sunday, September 07, 2008 by Travis Cody in

It's raining on the Seahawks and Bills at kickoff.

I like the slight adjustment to the FOX ticker at the top of the screen. They have a colored box hi-lighting the team with possession, red for Buffalo and blue for Seattle. And another great graphic addition is the superimposed bar on the field that shows down and distance. That's good information that can be difficult to keep track of, especially with certain pronouncers who are more interested in telling stories that don't seem to have much to do with the action.

Both defenses start strong, forcing punts on the opening series.

Just flipped over to Jets vs Dolphins on CBS. They also have the superimposed down and distance graphic, but the score graphic sucks. It's at the top left of my screen, more toward the center than to the edge, and it's too bulky so it distracts the eye.

Finally a bit of excitement as Buffalo gets a nice return on a punt. But the Bills can't take advantage of it and have to punt again after three plays.

The weather is a factor and the defenses are playing well, but the QB play on both sides is pathetic.

So far the punters are getting a chance to pad stats. Neither Seattle nor Buffalo has been able to get anything going offensively.

Ruh roh. Patriot QB Tom Brady went down with a knee injury. He took a helmet to his left knee while he was stepping into a throw. Brady has been a durable guy and is critical to the success of the New England offense. We may have to see if the vaunted team concept for the Patriots extends to replacing an All Pro at QB. Can they plug in Matt Cassel and not miss a beat? He did come in and throw a TD pass to WR Randy Moss.

Buffalo QB Trent Edwards finally connected on a good pass play. But on the replay it looked like the receiver may have been juggling the ball as he stepped out of bounds. Seahawks coach Mike Holmgren threw his red flag for a replay challenge, but the refs on the field didn't see it and play continued.

Oh great call on third and long! Buffalo goes to RB Marshawn Lynch on the draw and he goes 21 yards into the endzone. The Bills lead 7-0.

And now the Bills defense is fired up and stuffs the Seattle offense to force yet another punt.

The Jets and Dolphins have been basically irrelevant for awhile, especially the Dolphins. The addition of QB Brett Favre to the Jets at least makes NY a bit more interesting for some. And the rebuilding effort by Bill Parcells in Miami is somewhat compelling. They are tied at 7-7 in the second quarter down in Miami.

Buffalo is playing some good defense, but the Seattle wide receivers aren't doing Hasselbeck any favors. They seem to be letting the weather bother them, dropping a lot of balls that are hitting them in the hands.

The Bills seems to have settled in offensively with a good mix of play calling between the run and the pass. It's helping them get a few first downs and sustain some drives to keep the Seahawks defense on the field.

Pam is not happy. Her Seahawks look pathetic. Seattle has punted 7 times in 7 possessions. And now Buffalo has just returned a punt for a TD. The Bills are up 14-0.

Now the Seahawks do get some good field position on the kick off return, followed by a pass interference penalty. And finally a receiver makes a catch to get Seattle into the red zone.

Oh geeez! WR Nate Burleson is wide open at the goal line...I'm talking nobody within 10 yards of him. And he drops the damn ball. But he follows up that bad play with a great catch under pressure in the endzone for the TD. Now it's 14-7.

Bills QB Edwards is starting to look sharp. The offensive line is giving him a clean pocket with room to step up and throw. He's making the right decisions and has Buffalo driving again. And with Lynch running hard, Seattle's defense is off balance.

With under two minutes, Buffalo manages the clock very well and gets a field goal to increase the lead to 17-7.

The Bills defense steps up the pressure and does not allow Seattle to get anything going in the 2 minute offense and forces another lousy punt. And Buffalo has :34 seconds and 2 times out, with the ball on the Seahawks 47 yeard line to try for more points. And Edwards does a great job picking up the 25 or so yards to get into field goal range.

The kick is good and Buffalo leads 20-7 at the half.

Lunch time!


  1. Mo says:

    Football - I got nuttin'...
    Was looking at the lineup of "stars" for the new season of Dancing With The Stars and thought of you.

  1. Akelamalu says:

    Pam watches sport?????

  1. I stuck at work so I'm forced to follow along via

  1. Oh gads...the Bills. I lived just across the Niagara River during their brilliant-yet-no-SB-win years. Two words always come to mind when I think of the Bills; Scott Norwood. <:P

  1. Travis says:

    Mo: I understand. And just a couple more weeks until we're Dancing!

    Akelamalu: She loves sports.

    Travis: Some interesting results today.

    Lana: The Bills sure looked good today.

  1. Don't get me that close to Buffalo, I wasn't a fan. ;)

  1. We didn't watch the Seattle/Buffalo game. Decided to go the AFC route; I can't believe that Miami found a way to lose that game. Or, maybe I'm not. It was disappointing, nonetheless.

    The Cards open the season with a win. Wow. I'm...amused.

  1. I see Brady may be out for the season. ouch. hate to see any player get their knee damaged.

  1. Travis says:

    Lana: I see.

    Songbird: You'll be even more amused when you look at the paper tomorrow and see that the Cardinals are in first place. HA!

    Charles: You and me both. Been there and it's not something I wish on anyone.