Phillies are Champs!

Posted: Thursday, October 30, 2008 by Travis Cody in

Congratulations to the Philadelphia Phillies!

Monday's suspended game 5 was resumed last night, and the Phillies beat the Tampa Rays 4-3 to win the World Series 4 games to 1.

I'm not a Philly fan, but there was just such joy in the players on the field as they celebrated after the final out. It was fun to watch.'s a big wet raspberry to those suits who ran out onto the field immediately to hand out the championship caps and t-shirts. The players barely got 30 seconds with each other to jump around and celebrate their championship.

Who the hell were those guys anyway? Were they with the Philly organization? If so, the enthusiasm is understandable. But get the hell out of the way so the players can hug and congratulate each other. There's plenty of time for caps and t-shirts.

But if they were with Major League Baseball, then get the hell off the field and let the TEAM celebrate.

Anyway, congratulations to the Phillies and their fans!

And congratulations to the Tampa Rays for a break through season that came up just 3 games short.


  1. Just wanted to warn you that I've posted a picture of a great, big spider on my blog, so beware!

  1. I saw those guys too. I would guess they were with the network and not the Phillies...they didn't seem happy enough.

  1. I was rooting for the Tampa team.

  1. Ivanhoe says:

    Yup, congrats to the Phillies! Missed it all as I was in school. Cannot see it all... But hey, football is on Sundays when I'm off :o)

  1. Anndi says:

    I was on the phone with my Honey when it happened (he was watching, I was still woooing from the excitement that is SYTYCDC) and he said: I bet that pitcher's sore with all the guys on top of him. I'm pretty sure whoever ends up at the very bottom of a pile can't breathe.

  1. Bond says:

    They are from either MLB or the company MLB hires to print the shirts and hats...

    I have never seen them out there so quickly before, though it does happen in football..the players have the hats and shirts as soon as the game is over.

    Children in Central America and Africa will be wearing Rays World Series gear in a few short weeks...they ship them out to underprivileged countries...not that the kids know who the heck the tampa Rays are!

  1. Hypnosis says:

    This series will be remembered for a very long time - no doubt about that... And congrats, Phillies!

  1. I'm glad that Charlie was able to get a ring. that was something that he never would have got if he had stayer with the Cleveland Idiots.

  1. jennifer says:

    It always makes me teary eyed when I see Champions like that. That will be a moment they will remember forever and tell their grandkids about. Just really special.

    I chose one of the styles that you recommended with my haircut today. Turns out that I had the same cut posted about three times... all just styled differently. An obvious choice when the stylist pointed that out!

    Have a great evening.

  1. Jeff B says:

    Gotta love it when grown men can roll around and act like kids again. that's the part of sports I wish there was more of. I know it's a business, but when the fun aspect takes over it really is something special.

  1. Um....go team?!

    I don't do baseball :P

  1. There's always someone wanting to jump on the bandwagon - and spoil it for the rest.

  1. Cherie says:

    Congrats to the Phillies! Alright Cubbies. It's your turn now. ;)

  1. Travis says:

    Lana: Yikes! Thanks for the warning.

    Katherine: Right. They did look a bit dour.

    Charles: I didn't have a rooting interest one way or the other.

    Ivanhoe: Football!

    Ann: We didn't have that kind of pile on when I played sports. I don't understand how more guys don't get hurt doing it.

    V: I've seen it in football, but I haven't seen them running right onto the field in the middle of the celebration. It's more like the players pick the stuff off a table or something.

    Merelyme: Yup!

    Hypnosis: Sure Philly fans will remember!

    Mike: Tampa got a chance...Cleveland's time will come around again.

    Jennifer: I hope you like how your hair turned out. That's the important thing.

    Jeff: I didn't win much when I played, but it sure was sweet when I did.

    Starr: No worries.

    Anthony: Indeed. The players have to wait until the start of the next season to get their championship rings, but let's get them caps and shirts in the first 30 seconds after the last out.

    Cherie: One of these days the Cubs will get it done.

  1. Meribah says:

    Not being a sports fan, I didn't watch this, but I did see the part at the end where they win and get all excited (this was on the news, by the way) and it was very touching how emotional they all got. I always like to see that. Congrats to the Phillies on a job well done!

  1. I'm not a sports fan but I do get excited for the team when they win! It's difficult to watch guys get that excited without feeling for them! A lot of sweat equity in that...

    BTW: I love cats! I really do...
    Because I have birds I can't have a kitty. I grew up with them and always had a cat until 16 years ago when we got the cockatiel. But you're right - I do love my doggers!

  1. Akelamalu says:

    Those suits spoil everything!

    I'm back and trying to catch up! :)