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Posted: Friday, June 19, 2009 by Travis Cody in

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I was a bit nervous most of the day waiting for results tonight. My favorite, Evan, danced first with his partner Randi. And while I loved their Jive, they took some hits from the judges. I know Evan has had the favor of the judges throughout auditions and Vegas week, but you just never know how the fans are going to go.

So I'm nervous for my boy.

Anyway, here are my favorite dances from the performance show on Wednesday.

Of course, Randi and Evan's Jive makes the list. I couldn't find a short clip. And again, I don't care if technically it was a bit off. It made me smile. It was fun. It entertained me. Click here.

The Disco from Janette and Brandon was so fast and very well performed. I watched it back and it was even better than I remembered. Click here.

Some said the Waltz from Asuka and Vitolio wasn't memorable, but it gave me chills. Watching it back, I saw the technical flaws. But the dance wasn't about technique for me. It was about the emotional moment they created together. Click here.

I think I'll call dance of the night for Karla and Jonathan. She is really beautiful and he surprised me by how he was there for her in every movement. Click here.

Sometimes the technique is going to be important to me. Bad technique can ruin a dance that relies on technical excellence to convey the character and emotion of the choreography. But there are other times when slips and stumbles and flawed technique don't count as much as the energy and performance value.

Did your favorite dancer make you smile? Then that can be good enough. We're looking for America's favorite dancer after all.

And here come our top 18 candidates in a group number choreographed by Mia Michaels. Wow. That was really cool.

Hey! Who in wardrobe thought it was a good idea to cover up Cat's beautiful LEGS LEGS LEGS LEGS with pants????? Don't EVER do that again!

We have a nice little video montage of Lil C using as many syllables as he possibly can. The audience is as confused as I was.

Results time!

Melissa and Ade are safe. Jeanine and Phillip are safe. Janette and Brandon are safe. Karla and Jonathan are safe. Randi and Evan are safe. Asuka and Vitolio are safe.

Caitlin and Jason are in danger. Ashley and Kupono are in danger. Kayla and Max are in danger.

This is a strong bottom three that got caught up in struggles with dance style and choreography.

And we find out that Evan's brother Ryan has made it to Vegas for season 6. YAY!

Before solos, we have a demonstration of Indian dance. I can't pronounce or spell the lady's name. The dance was quite enjoyable. I really like this feature of showing us dance from around the world.


Caitlin - sublime
Jason - excellent
Ashley - ok
Kupono - weird
Kayla - excellent
Max - ok

The judges go discuss while Kristinia DeBarge performs. I'm gonna guess that Ashley and Max are out.

Let me just say...if you can't sing while you're dancing, then don't dance. Hell, if you can't walk while you're singing, then maybe develop some breath control so you can actually sing when you perform on a live stage.

The judges are back.

First the girls. Nigel says the judges are not unanimous. He tells Caitlin that her quality of movement was really good. He says that Ashley had Hollywood glamour but no substance to her solo work. He suggests that Kayla's solo was crowded and that she needs to focus on the flow of her movement.

And Ashley is out.

Now the guys. Again the decision is not unanimous. Nigel tells Jason that his solo was exceptionally strong and the best so far this season, and he is safe. He tells Kupono that there wasn't enough substance to his solo, but that he is different and is an intelligent dancer who is able to capture character and convey it very well. Nigel appreciates Max's hard work, but finds him limited in his ballroom style.

And Max is out.

Now this means that Kayla and Kupono will team up next week, as they both lose their partners.

And then there were 8 couples, and 16 dancers left. Catch ya next week!


  1. Marsha says:

    I really thought it was going to be Ashley and Kupono. But I have a feeling that last weeks dance helped save him this week. Max is good - at what he does, but has limits.

    Interesting that the bottom three couples were entirely different ones from last week. I so think a lot of that had to do with the choreography this week.

    And dance continues.......

  1. Anndi says:

    That was just a LONG day. Ugh, the wait.

    I LOVE Mia... that was awesome! WOOO for the "undead native american Oscar ushers" (LOL) as Mo put it on his Facebook! I loved that piece! L.O.V.E.D. it!!

    I think Cat looked beautiful. She rocked the suit! Great contrast to the opening number costumes! Just wish I could see the shoes.

    Wait for it... wait for it...


    He tweeted: "Totally shellshocked by SYTYCD! Not ready for that. Much love & gratitude to Nigel for showing that clip of my solo. Hooray Ev & Randi!"

    I have a clip of that moment... and it still makes me tear up after a few times watching it :) I pink puffy heart LOVE Adam Shankman.. and I forgive him for making me nuts yesterday!

    Could it be Ryan didn't know they were going to do that??


    And yes bro, we were silly. I think I'll survive this season and the next (Go RYAN!!) on the basis of e-mails and chats with you LOL.

    I agree with you on dance of the night. GO STACEY!! heh!

    And yes, sometimes flawed technique really prevents me from enjoying the dance... it's to a dancer's credit if I can forget that and smile, or cry.
    You know... this was a tough one but I do think they got it right. Mind you, I'm sorry to see Ashley go. I loved her performance in the Wade piece - and not every dancer can pull off Wade Robson's weirdness.

    I'm also glad they kept Kupono's quirkiness... he brings something the other contemp dancers don't.

    so to recap... SQUEEEEEEEEEEEE and WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO and phew. :)

  1. It is criminal to inflict another DeBarge on yet another generation.

    I was fine with the results last night. It's a strong bunch this year and I have to say so far I am diggin Brandon, Caitlin and Evan.

  1. Anonymous says:

    I am so mad I could spit nails. Of course FOX went and did the same thing here it does with American Idol. It runs over and the DVR just stops recording. So I got to see Ashley go and then they started on the boys and saved Jason and poof...done recording. I cannot stand how they do this or allow these shows to go over their time slots. I guess next week I will have to make sure that I set it for the next program as well. So the boy was Max...I was sort of shocked that he went especially after last weeks performance but there again, you have to look at this weeks. What I really like is how Nigel gives them such constructive criticism. He makes them feel good I think and even if he critiques them it's in a positive way. The one thing I like about this show is that the final decision is made by the judges and not the voting public. I think that's how it should be even in American Idol. Interesting those little dances they do by themselves.

  1. Travis says:

    Marsha: Kupono has that different quality in his dance and personality that generally gets saved. It keeps things interesting, and he really is a fine dancer.

    Ann: The suit was nice...I just missed the LEGS. And now each week is just going to get tougher.

    Starr: It really is a very strong group.

    Thom: I checked and the show didn't run long for the live east coast feed. And it was over before 10pm in my time zone too. So I'm not sure what happened when it aired in Hawaii. It could be that your FOX affiliate added commercials and forced the show to go long. But it came in on time for me. I do agree with you that this show is about providing notes to the dancers so they can work to improve.

  1. Linda says:

    I personally thought that Max should have stayed and Kupono should have gone but I guess the judges obviously didn't agree with me. It seems that the couples taking the hits so far have all had problems with hip-hop.

    Guess we'll see how this week goes.

    Oh, as for the Indian dancer ... I marveled that she could move her feet that fast and not seem to get winded at all! Amazing!