Friday Feets - Trav's Walk-about Adventures

Posted: Friday, June 19, 2009 by Travis Cody in

Welcome to Chapter 7 of my feature. I'm on a quest to fight the crippling effects of chronic pain from an old knee injury by getting outside as much as I can, either to walk or to go on day trips. You can trace my journey by clicking here.

So normally I would show you pictures of someplace that I walked by myself or that Pam and I enjoyed together. But this week I thought I would give you the bucket list of Feets.

Here are some of the places I'd like to go and things I'd like to do before I kick, in no particular order. This is by no means a comprehensive list...just a taste.

One of these days I'll have my own pictures of these places, rather than Google images. Wonder if I'll still be blogging. HA!

Williamsport for the Little League World Series

College World Series

NCAA Tournament

Normandy beaches



  1. So I take it you're into sports... :)

  1. barb says:

    The Smithsonian would be amazing!

  1. Anndi says:

    The Smithsonian is on my list of places to take Chicklet... yessiree it is!

    And Ireland... to walk in fields of heather, along a winding country road and into a real Irish pub.

    This is a fun post. It's got me thinking of where my own bucket list would take me. Something to write about on a sleepless night.

  1. Kidlet will be at the Smithsonian on Monday!

  1. Jamie says:

    Well I've done the Smithsonian. Almost every weekend for two solid years I did the Smithsonian. Still haven't even begun to see it all. You may want to reserve more than one day.

  1. I would defintely like to see the NOrmandy beaches.

  1. All of these are do-able. March Madness might be the most difficult..

    I don't have a bucket list.


  1. Travis- those boots are made for walking! and you have a lot of walking to do!

  1. Bond says:

    I never made Williamsport when Matt went with his mom...I regret that, but it was impossible at the time.

    I also want to get to Omaha...that would be grand.

    I did the Smithsonian when I was like 13...I don't remember it that well...

  1. Anonymous says:

    Great list Trav. All the sporting things I would like to do that as well. That would be awesome. I have been to the Smithsonian...Aweseome place and it's huge.Normandy I wouldn't mind going to either...I hope your dreams do come true and you get to all of these before you kick LOL Happy Friday :)

  1. Jeni says:

    A great list of things to see, Trav. I've been to Williamsport but not to see a LL game. Growing up, I had relatives who lived there plus, our church youth group often went there for youth group conferences. If you get to go there anytime while I'm still around, you can stop by here and visit as I'm only about 90 miles away from there. The Smithsonian -haven't been there in well over 40 years but it's a great place to visit, for sure. The beaches of Normandy -also on my list, along with visiting Sweden and Scotland -lands of my ancestors. However, at my age and with my restrictive finances, it's highly doubtful I'll ever see any of those places. But, I tour, vicariously now with different bloggers who live sin those regions and take me on trips to see their sights. Guess I have to be relegated to that but it's better than nothing.

  1. Akelamalu says:

    I hope you get to take your own pictures of these places one day Trav. :)

  1. Those places are so you.
    Have a great weekend!

  1. jennifer says:

    Blogger hates me. This is the third try to leave a comment on your post. Here goes...

    I am with you on the world series. I would love to see those too. I would have to bring tissues though - things like that make me weepy. I'm such a girl.

    Have a great weekend Travis.

    And now with fingers crossed... *PUBLISH COMMENT*

  1. Travis says:

    Terra: Indeed I am!

    Barb: My folks went and could only set aside 2 days. They said you could spend an entire vacation and still not see everything.

    Ann: These lists are always fun to put together. I've got Ireland and Scotland on it too. Plus a bunch of other stuff. May not get to all of it, but I'm gonna try.

    Starr: I'm jealous!

    Jamie: I think I might also need to prioritize the things I want to see too.

    Charles: That's been a life long dream of mine.

    Katherine: March Madness is complicated by a lot of things. Especially as they make the venues bigger and bigger. I'm gonna try to get as close to the court as I can.

    NNG: I sure do!

    V: I love the whole idea of what they do, with free admission and everything. It always looks like everyone is having so much fun.

    Thom: I'm going to work on it. The saving has been going on for a long time.

    Jeni: Maybe you'll get lucky and be able to see a few things from your list too.

    Akelamalu: Oh I will. If not all of them, at least some of them.

    Mimi: Have fun with Baby Boy!

    Jennifer: Well, I could tell you a seekrit that those things kinda get to me too sometimes, but I won't. Heehee!

    Jennifer: Success!

  1. JohnH985 says:

    I've been to one place on your list...The Smithsonian. It's awesome! I've actually been twice and can't wait to go again. I love vising D.C. There's so much history there.

  1. This is a fine bucket list all by itself. However, you're a little young for a bucket list. I'm hoping that the grand son may be my ticket to the CWS one of these days. And yes, a family vacation to D.C. to see the Smithsonian, Arlington, and much of the other history that resides in that city is something I really want to do.

  1. Linda says:

    I would love to get to the Smithsonian myself and have been trying to figure out if there is some way that I can afford a trip down to DC with the girls this summer to do that. Unfortunately, though, I don't think finances are going to allow.

    Maybe next year???

  1. Great list, Trav. I would love to make a "sports" tour myself.