Sports Saturday

Posted: Saturday, August 22, 2009 by Travis Cody in

It's a good day. I don't have anywhere to be. I don't have any chores to do. And there is a ton of sports for me to enjoy.

We've got Little League World Series games today. I get a chance to see some of the international teams. I'm watching Canada play Mexico now. That's followed by Curacao against Venezuela and Japan vs Saudi Arabia.

Then we have New York vs Georgia and Kentucky vs California.

Northwest champion Mercer Island lost their first game to Mid-Atlantic champion New York on Friday. Mercer Island plays Midwest Champion Iowa tomorrow.

This is all pool play, which means that the teams are sorted into 4 team groups in an international division and a US division. Each team in a pool plays each of the others. The top 2 teams in each pool advance to a single elimination format. The winners of the international pool and the US pool will then play each other for the championship.

The Yankees and Red Sox are on today. NY whacked Boston 20-11 yesterday, improving its NL East lead to 7.5 games.

I'm keeping an eye on my Dodgers on I got the wonky result I was looking for last night. See, I want at least a 2 series lead in the NL West. That means I want the Rockies and Giants to be at least 6 games back, which technically means either of those two clubs would have to sweep the two 3-game series each has left against LA to overtake my Dodgers.

So last night, my Dodgers beat the Cubs while SF beat Colorado. So SF stayed 5.5 games back while Colorado lost a game to go 4.5 back. The result I'm looking for today is another Dodger win, with SF beating the Rockies one more time to put Colorado 5.5 back.

It's unsettling to root for the Giants, but if that's what it takes...

My Dodgers have one more game with Chicago tomorrow before heading to Colorado for one of those remaining 3 game series. If the Rockies stay 4.5 back like they are today, LA needs to take at least take 2 out of 3 games, although a sweep would be the best result.

Now that's scoreboard watching!

The NFL pre-season is going strong. The Seahawks are on later against Denver, and I can follow the Raiders vs 49ers on All three won the first games last week.

And since we've got the NFL Network now, I'll be able to catch the replay of Oakland vs SF.

I hope you're having as fine a Saturday as I am!


  1. The Saints have done pretty well in the preseason so far but I've always said, if you win all your preseason games you aren't doing it right.

  1. Travis says:

    Charles: Good point.

  1. I was at the river enjoying! Aint it great!