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Posted: Wednesday, October 21, 2009 by Travis Cody in

Cue that theme music. It's live from Hollywood!

There were some excellent performances last night. Here are my selections for another look.

Mya and Dmitry danced what I thought was a nearly flawless Argentine Tango, but what the judges criticized as too technical. Click here to enjoy the dance.

Mark finally got everything working in a Paso Doble that Lacey expertly choreographed to emphasize his strenghts. Click here to enjoy the dance.

Kelly and Louis presented a hard rocker version of Paso Doble, stomping their way to a fierce performance to Ozzy Osbourne's Crazy Train. Kelly injured her ankle during the dance. Click here to enjoy the dance.

Dance of the night goes to Donny and Kym for their elegant, sophisticated, and surprisingly passionate Aregntine Tango. Click here to enjoy the dance.

And one more, if you have time. Click here to enjoy the group Hustle. Sorry I could only find the long clip.

Here's a reminder of how our 10 couples landed on the leader board after Monday's performances:

29 Donny and Kym
27 Mya and Dmitry
26 Mark and Lacey
24 Kelly and Louis
24 Joanna and Maks
24 Aaron and Karina
23 Melissa and Mark
22 Natalie and Alec
22 Louie and Chelsie
21 Michael and Anna

The judges select the Argentine Tango from Donny and Kym as the encore. Yikes! Did you hear the squeee? That might have been the loudest one yet.

Norah Jones is in the ballroom, performing It's Gonna Be. I like this song. It's got a bluesy jazz kind of vibe. And her dancers had a little bit of Fosse-ish choreography going on. Nice.

Results! Mark and Lacey are safe. Donny and Kym are safe...yes yes, there was yet another squee. Mya and Dmitry are safe. Kelly and Louis are safe. Michael and Anna are safe.

Norah Jones returns to perform Come Away with Me, accompanied by Anna and Jonathan. That was simply a stunningly beautiful Waltz. And you know I'm a sucker for a fairy tale Waltz. Now can I get an awwwwww? That song was Anna and Jonathan's wedding song. So then the question becomes, why don't I have any Norah Jones in my catalog?

Answer...it's a mystery, but I shall correct that deficiency soon.

Oh, more results. Louie and Chelsie are safe.

Macy's Stars of Dance features our pros in a tribute to the influence of Michael Jackson on music and dance. Throughout all seasons, there have been routines to 17 MJ songs. We're also getting a little retrospective during the show of some of the favorite routines. And the dancing? Brilliant!

Now let's get our final results. Melissa and Mark are safe. Joanna and Derek are safe.

Which means that Aaron & Karina and Natalie & Alec are in the botton two.

Aaron and Karina are safe.

That means Natalie and Alec are out. Dang.

This is a real shame because there are still weaker dancers left in the competition. But as I said last night, and as I've said before, you just never know how the viewers are going to vote. And personality often counts as much as or even a bit more than dance ability.

Tune in next week when one of the dances will be Jitterbug!

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  1. Natalie was so sad. She made a comment about how much she loved the dancing, but how she didn't show it...and you could tell she was blaming herself for being voted out. The judges all said complimentary things.

    The finale to the MJ tribute made me smile.

  1. Bond says:

    As I told you last night in email, I never got to see it. It is on TiVo but after your review, other than going to the waltz by Anna and Jonathon, I have no need to watch.

    I think Aaron should have gone before Natalie...

  1. Aaron was far more deserving of the boot. And I own both Norah Jones albums and they are beautiful.

  1. I only have one Norah Jones album and that's just wrong. She is an incredible artist. It's kind of like Allison Krauss, you forget just how good she is until you hear her again.
    Donny's tango was very nice, very nice indeed.