Encores and results

Posted: Wednesday, November 04, 2009 by Travis Cody in

Cue that theme music cause we've got encores and results live from Hollywood!

What did we like last night? Well I'll tell you!

We liked how Louis punched up the pressure on Kelly, and how she fought and finally controlled her emotions and sassed up a safe but satisfying Salsa. Click here to enjoy the dance.

We liked how Mya and Dmitry continue to dance technically sound and artistically unique routines every week, like a sophisticated and classy Foxtrot, despite Len and his cranky pants. Click here to enjoy the dance.

We liked how Aaron charged out and attacked the Jive, and how Karina continues to challenge him to improve. This was very nearly the dance of the night. Click here to enjoy the dance.

Dance of the night goes to Team Tango. We liked that the pros worked together as a team to make a dance, and to teach the celebrities how to pull off a nearly perfect performance. I couldn't actually find the specific clip. Dangit!

Here's a reminder of our leader board after Monday's performances:

55 Joanna and Derek
53 Aaron and Karina
53 Kelly and Louis
53 Donny and Kym
49 Mya and Dmitry
47 Michael and Anna D
33 Mark and Anna T

The encore selection from the judges is Team Tango. Excellent!

We've got a scary double elimination, with a dance off.

First results. Kelly and Louis are safe. Donny and Kym are safe. YES and YES!

Colbie Caillat is in the ballroom. I have no idea who this is, but I'm happy to see Edyta and Alec dancing a lovely Rumba. Mostly I'm happy to see the tiny costume. Heheheheheheheee!

You probably know that Julianne Hough is a successful country singer. What you may or may not know is that Derek Hough and Mark Ballas have a band called Ballas Hough. It's electronic dance music. I don't actually like it, but best of luck to Mark and Derek. The album is called Move.

More results. Mya and Dmitry are safe. Joanna and Derek are safe.

The bottom three is Aaron & Karina, Michael & Anna, and Mark & Lacey.

Rod Stewart is in the ballroom, performing Same Old Song. He sounds and looks great. Most outstanding.

Michael and Anna had the lowest combined judges scores and vote totals, and are eliminated.

Aaron & Karina and Mark & Lacey are in the dance off.

Mark and Lacey dance Cha Cha Cha. This is a terrific 30 seconds of Cha Cha Cha. He didn't put a step wrong in the dancing and the tricks flowed smoothly. It's really a shame that Lacey was sick this week. I think he would have had a much better performance. That was really good.

Aaron and Karina dance Jive. This is a great choice, since he had his best performance with it. And he nailed it again. This was fast, crisp, and clean. It had all the classic quick flick kicks and his performance was flawless. I don't see how you send him home off that.

Wow. I do not envy this choice.

The decision was unanimous...Aaron and Karina are safe.

That means Mark and Lacey are out.

We're down to 5 couples and you know what that means...the finale is right around the corner! Next week our pairs dance for a place in the Final Four.


  1. SEO says:
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  1. Bond says:

    I delete spam also Sir.

    Did not get to watch the results show. Sorry Mark and Lacey are gone - I am just not an Aaron fan at all

    Happy Kelly is safe.

    And yes, I am happy Donnie was safe also.

  1. Dianne says:

    I think the right 2 were eliminated

    I have no idea what will happen next!! and that is kind of exciting I guess

  1. Marsha says:

    Colbie was discovered on MySpace.com. Interesting.....

  1. Rod Stewart makes me feel old.

    Kelly and Donny probably have the strongest fanbase. Both are really fun entertainers. They make not be the best dancers...but I enjoy them immensely.

    I wonder who the requisite NFL player will be next season? smile.

    Mark is not my favorite...but he got a raw deal with the multiple partner issue this week.

    After the dance off...when the two couples were standing on the stage...and the results were announced....I thought Arron was going to have an emotional breakdown. The past few weeks he has looked almost manic. The outtakes and backstage clips have shown some alarming episodes.

    Anyone want to predict the final winner?

  1. Linda says:

    Well darn, I had hoped that Mark would stay in - I really like his attitude and not so much Aaron's.

    I delete spam myself, spammers are like the vultures of blogging!

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  1. Travis says:

    V: It would have been tough to let Aaron go after that Jive though.

    Dianne: I think so as well. It often comes down to fanbase at this point.

    Marsha: Really?

    Katherine: Aaron is strung way too tight. That could get him chucked because it appears that he isn't connecting with voters.

    Linda: Fortunately we have control over the delete button.

    And I deleted spam again!

  1. Jaye says:

    We've got Rod (and his mrs) on our show - singing the same old song - this week!
    That kitten is too cute! I loved Mya and Dmitry's foxtrot, very sassy. Old crankypants indeed, lol!