Five on Friday Set 8

Posted: Friday, March 19, 2010 by Travis Cody in

I really enjoy putting together my Sets each week. But you know what is quickly becoming my favorite part of Five on Friday? It's collecting the Sets of everyone who plays along so we can listen to them over the weekend. I definitely appreciate those of you who have decided to play along, and I'm glad I took the suggestions and opened this up as a weekly meme.

My Ipod shuffled heavily on one particular group this week, so Set 8 kind of chose itself.

The thing that attracts me to the music of Bread is the simplicity of the melodies and the clarity of David Gates' voice. And some of the lyrics play like poetry. For example, from the song Aubry...

And Aubrey was her name.
We tripped the light and danced together to the moon,
But where was June.
No it never came around.
If it did it never made a sound,
Maybe I was absent or was listening too fast,
Catching all the words, but then the meaning going past,

My pal Vinny has a great radio show on Blog Talk Radio. It's called Music on the Couch and his guests are mainly independent musicians. One of the questions he asks is what song do you wish you would have written. Well gang, that lyric is one I wish I would have written.

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The tough part was narrowing down to just 5 songs for the Set. If you decide to play, read the guidelines for this feature here and don't forget to sign Mr Linky so I can collect you!


  1. Jamie says:

    Thank you. It has been years since I've heard "Aubrey". Bread was a great group. Strangely enough this week's <a href=">Take This Tune</a> is another "Guitar Man". My Five on Friday is another tribute.

  1. Jamie says:

    Shall we try that link again? Take This Tune

  1. Travis - I also look forward to listening to everyone's sets, along with my husband. He really enjoyed your Croce set, and he was grooving to these Bread songs.

    My favorite from today's set are Everything I Own and If.

  1. Linda says:

    Oh great choices this week, Travis! I have always loved "Bread" ever since I was a freshman in high school in what seems like another lifetime ago now. Beautiful words and music and David Gates had such a great voice to go along with them.

    I'm afraid I didn't get to a set this week being that I worked another overtime shift today and just flat out ran out of time to get things done this week. I'm giving some thought to a set for next week, though!

  1. Travis says:

    Jamie: Music from Bread can always be found somewhere in my rotation.

    Julia: I'm glad you enjoy them!

    Linda: That's ok that you didn't get to it. I'll look forward to what you come up with next week!