More Madness!

Posted: Friday, March 19, 2010 by Travis Cody in

I don't know how we top yesterday, but let's give it a try anyway!

Every year one of the first potential upsets I look for is in the 12 vs 5 games. I know one is likely, but the key is picking which of the four games. This year I have 12 Utah State picking off 5 Texas A&M. I considered picking 12 Cornell over 5 Temple, but everything I've hard suggests that Temple was a team that could go deep into the tournament.

Guess what?

The Big Red jumped all over the Owls this morning and Cornell gets a win for the Ivy League, which doesn't happen all that often.

15 Morgan State got off to a great start against 2 West Virginia. The Moutaineers couldn't throw it in the ocean and it looked like we might be in for another morning of mayhem. But WVU righted their ship, stepped up defensively, and ultimately cruised to a comfortable win.

I read that West Virginia was miffed that they didn't get a 1 seed as the winner of the Big East conference tournament. The way I figure it, you still have to win 6 games regardless of where you get seeded. About the only thing guaranteed to a 1 seed is a first round win, since a 16 has never beaten a 1.

You take a chance at 2, since 15 seeds have pulled off that upset four times since the tournament expanded to 64 teams.

6 Xavier methodically did its thing against 11 Minnesota, and then held off a late rally from the Golden Gophers to advance.

So just the one upset in the early games today, and none of the games was all that close.


  1. Desert Songbird says:

    My bracket looks okay, save for Georgetown, of course. Round two should be very interesting with those underdog match ups.

  1. Travis says:

    Songbird: Georgetown busted mine early, and now with Kansas and New Mexico out, I'm don't even need to refer back to it. This is way too much fun anyway!