US troops land on Okinawa, 1 April 1945

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I wanted to write about the American landings on Okinawa, which occurred on this day in 1945. But the week got away from me and I wasn't able to get an essay done.

That's very frustrating.

I can tell you that the invasion and subsequent battle was the bloodiest of the Pacific during WWII. Click here for an excellent summary essay of the events that transpired from 1 April through 7 Sept 1945.


  1. I just remembered that Brad and I have to catch up on The Pacific - I've been super busy this week, and also battling a weather migraine (even though my acupuncture has made it much more bearable - still, not fun.)

  1. Akelamalu says:

    Thanks for the link Trav.

  1. I clicked on the link..which is informative and interesting...but truthfully I clicked on it thinking it could be an April Fool thing...

  1. If my Dad were alive Travis, I'd have him reading your blog whenever you wrote about WW II. Thanks for reminding me!

  1. Bond says:

    Thanks for the link. Saving it to read before I watch Pacific on Sunday

    HEY...gonna do your meme tomorrow!!!

    I said more music and that is MUSIC!

  1. This bit of info is enough to get people thinking about it. Thank you for this. Some weeks just get by us. So much to do in such little time.

  1. Travis says:

    Julia: Sorry about your migraine. I've been lucky to avoid them so far this year.

    Akelamalu: You are most welcome.

    Katherine: I don't do pranks, and never with something as important to me as history.

    Mary: The month of April is full of good topics. I need to make sure I'm setting aside the proper time to do my research and write my essays.

    V: Sweet! Can't wait to see what you come up with. I'm already up to Set 10!

    Mimi: I'm still disappointed.

  1. Trav: I had to laugh at your first word: dangit. I guess I used to say it to Goodnight once in a while - like "Dangit, your backpack doesn't belong there." Her reply was always, "Don't call me 'Dangit.' That's not my name. I treid to explain to her what part of speech it was, and not a proper noun, but she never got that part. Anyway, when I read it in your post, I got a giggle.

    But the WWII stuff you share is always interesting to me. I appreciate it very much. I just watched a documentary called Shanghi Ghetto. Another side of the story I hadn't heard about.