The 2010 American Idol is...

Posted: Thursday, May 27, 2010 by Travis Cody in

For the second straight season, we were not compelled to vote for any of the American Idol contestants.  We were satisfied to record the performance shows and fast forward through most of the stuff and the things to get to the music, then check the results online.

We did download quite a bit of the studio recordings from the two finalists, Crystal Bowersox and Lee DeWyze. 

So who joined the list of winners?

Season 1, Kelly Clarkson
Season 2, Reuben Studdard
Season 3, Fantasia Barrino
Season 4, Carrie Underwood
Season 5, Taylor Hicks
Season 6, Jordin Sparks
Season 7, David Cook
Season 8, Kris Allen

And for Season 9, your 2010 American Idol is...

Lee DeWyze

Congratulations young man! 

Tune in tonight for the first round of auditions for Season 7 of So You Think You Can Dance! 


  1. Barb says:

    My favorite season is still Season 4. Carrie Underwood has been selling CDs and racking up award after award.

    The last 5 seasons have left me feeling like they didn't look quite hard enough for real talent. Seriously, has anyone heard anything about Taylor Hicks, Jordin Sparks, David Cook or Kris Allen knocking anyone's socks off since they won Idol?

    I admit it... I bought David Cook's first CD and when I put it in I was prepared to be blown away. I didn't care for it at all. I was immensely disappointed in the material they chose.

    And now Simon's left the show. I have no idea if I'll bother to watch it next year.

  1. Barb:

    There's nothing wrong with that...for you. If the show isn't appealing, then you turn it off. I wish others would just turn it off instead of throw snark at it and call it stupid just because they don't like it.

    But I think that all the people you mention have real talent.

    Of course you know this is a Taylor Hicks place and I am a Taylor Hicks fan. He knocks my socks off every time I listen, as he does for a lot of other people and not just Soul Patrol folk who dialed their fingers raw to help him win Season 5. He's out there working his butt off like any other artist, playing live venues and writing new material and trying his best to win new fans and please those who have been with him since the first note he sang in Las Vegas. He has finished his 18 month run as Teen Angel in Grease, and I suspect we'll get some new music soon. I sure hope so!

    And I love David Cook's CD. It blew my socks off and I can't wait for the next round. I think he's a talented singer/songwriter and performer. He does a lot of charity work and seems like a stand up guy.

    I haven't bought anything from Jordin Sparks and I don't follow her career all that closely, but she blew my socks off during her season. My preference was for Melinda Doolittle that year, but I liked Jordin as well and thought she was a deserving champion. I'm sure her fans are as anxious for her next appearance or CD release as I am for Taylor's.

    And I suspect that a good portion of the state of Arkansas might have had their socks blown off by Kris Allen based on reported voting habits for last season’s finale.

    I guess my point is that it's all about what each individual likes. There's no right or wrong, and just because I don't hear Taylor's...or any of the others' every day doesn't mean he's not out there working it.

    For the record, I do not like Carrie Underwood, no matter how many CD’s she’s sold. She just doesn't appeal to me. And I don't think Simon is the be-all-end-all either. I don't care for his rudeness. I prefer constructive and consistent criticisms that the contestants can use to grow and improve.

    The producers and the judges select the people who perform on the show. Then it's up to the performers to perform and the viewers to figure out whether they want to vote, and for whom.

    I watch, but I'm not always compelled to vote. That's been the case the last two seasons. But if there's someone next season who blows my socks off, I'll vote. That's the show.

  1. JohnH985 says:

    I haven't watched it very much since Taylor won. From when I have watched it I haven't been that impressed with the talent and none of the most recent winners have done anything for me. Like you said, that doesn't mean they're not talented, just not what I'm interested in. I find the Idols do better after that first album or two, when the producers and people behind the show let the artist be themselves more than what they're being made to be. As much as I like Taylor, and I think both of his albums have some great stuff, I still feel his best is yet to come. I don't feel like we've seen his true potential yet.

  1. Lee was my favourite after Siobahn got voted out...