Five on Friday Set 16

Posted: Friday, May 14, 2010 by Travis Cody in


I couldn't get the code to post.  Blogger kept telling me that the Embed code wasn't closed.  I couldn't figure out how to fix it.


But I am nothing if not resourceful and persistent.  Since doesn't want to play, I'll shall bring you Set 16 by Train, direct from youtube.  Those codes seem to be working just fine. 

Hey Soul Sister has been a great earworm for a couple of weeks.

This is Calling All Angels

This one is Drops of Jupiter.

This is called Marry Me.

And this one is called Hopeless.

Train has been around since 1994, but they are new to me.  I'm really enjoying my "discovery".  

If you'd like to join us in the musical fun, the guidelines are basic and simple.

1. Grab the banner, make your post title Five on Friday, and be sure to link back here.
2. Go to to make your play list of five songs. You may choose a particular theme to share with us, or post random tunes if that's your vibe for the day. You can simply post the play list, or you can add a little summary about what you are sharing.
2a. Don't feel restricted by the tracks listed on  And don't be discouraged if the Embed code won't work. You're welcome to use any type of media to share your Sets.
3. Be sure to sign Mr Linky so everyone can visit your Set.
4. No tags, but feel free to invite your friends to play along if they need a post topic on a Friday.

Go forth and enjoy music!


  1. Jamie says:

    For some reason, /embed inside the < >. All you need to do is add it on the end of the code.

    Great selections for you this week. I did Peter Allen

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hey Trav: Just letting you know I stopped by. Um . . . I recognized one of them!!! Calling All Angels. They don't play those on the clasical station . . .Shhh, don't tell Beethoven I was here. ;-)

  1. Wonderful 'find', Travis! I love Soul Sister and Calling All Angels.

    (psst...enjoyed the visuals today...)

  1. Mags says:

    I LOVE Train and am glad you discovered them. :) I've never heard Marry Me before though-it's fantastic.

  1. Marilyn says:

    I got mine up... spent way more time on it than I meant to this week so I'll have to come back and listen to yours later. I am looking forward to it though.

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  1. Travis,I had to get creative.First I posted it to my side bar,than opened a second browser,opened nutcase1,new post,had both open browsers open clicked the edit symbol on the side bar cut and pasted it to the new posting a IT IS UP AND RUNNING. I like your way as well.

  1. I am so-so when it comes to Train. There are some things I like and then some I just do not care to listen to.

    I sent an email with an easy fix for next time

  1. I hadn't realized that Train did ALL of those tunes. Thanks for opening my eyes on that.

  1. I would have swore I'd never heard of Train but when I played a couple of these I did recognize them. Not my kind of music though. I doubt I've ever listened to one of these all the way through.

  1. Jamie: I got it this time. I had to remember to add the embed thingy in Edit HTML. DOH!

    GGG: I won't tell Herr Beethoven if you won't tell Herr Bach!

    Julia: Videos were a nice twist.

    Mags: Marry Me is a great song of the new album. I think I got lucky getting a video for it.

    Marilyn: I spent a lot of extra time with mine too, but that was more because of my struggles with the html code.

    Mike: I didn't even think of trying to put it in the sidebar. Nice job!

    V: Thanks for the tip. Between you and Jamie I managed to figure it out.

    Lana: I know! And of course I "found" them on DWTS. So I have another reason to love that show!

    Charles: No worries. One of these days I'll have to do a metal set.