Posted: Tuesday, June 15, 2010 by Travis Cody in

I came home last night to the lovely sight of railings installed on the front deck and stairs to my condo.  


That puts us at about 99% complete on this construction project that started on our building back on 5 October 2009.  I didn't think we were ever going to be finished.  Now all that is left appears to be:

  • Install window screens
  • Reconnect the doorbell
  • Install the new motion sensor porch light
  • Complete exterior punch list - that's all the little detail work
So here's the exterior overview.

It used to look like this.

Then it looked like this for awhile.

Now it looks like this!

I'm still not sure about the red trim on the stairs.  For reasons passing understanding, that red is the color they painted the cabana building by the pool.  It's a bit...unsettling...to see an entire building painted that color.  I can see using red on trim, but the whole building?  Who does that?

I'm going to withhold judgment until everything is finished.

And that is going to be soon!  If you've had any kind of remodeling done, you'll understand when I say I've had enough for now.  Anything we decide to do on the interior will have to wait until we've lived for a good while without dust, banging, and the eternal waiting for stuff to be done.


  1. YAY for finishing up the remodel!!! As you have read, I've been living with the some of the same. Right now I have my new bathroom sheetrocked and the first coat of mud is on. It's going to be HEAVEN when it's all done and I can hardly wait. A new bathroom and a family room?? Too good to be true!

    Congrats on the 99% completion!

  1. Barb says:

    Oh, how I can relate, Trav! And a little red is a good thing! I love red!

  1. Looks like a composite material on the decking. That's a great idea. It's more expensive, but they won't have to replace it any time soon.

  1. Clancy: I think the only real problem I had with the chaos was that it kept dragging on, especially when it looked like no progress was being made. The results do wonders to erase some of that frustration with the process...some of it.

    Barb: A little red...but an entire building? I think I'll post a photograph when it's finished and take a poll about how it looks.

    Driller: You are correct about the decking. We're very pleased with the choice. It doesn't get slick in the rain, and that was a major consideration for us.

  1. Marsha says:

    I like the red, puts just a punch of color in there to keep it interesting........

  1. It looks wonderful Travis! We have almost completed our "destruction" project! The furniture comes this week. I will post on it soon! But like you....enough already!
    ps- love the red!

  1. I agree, the red is a bit pink, but it's still pretty cool looking.

  1. Wow! That's a big chunk of work! I can't wait to see the red building. You have me curious now.

  1. Jeff B says:

    Sounds like the "To Do" list is pretty small potatoes now. The coming sound of silence will be music to your ears.

  1. Jamie says:


    Look who is going to be on So You Think You can Dance

  1. Jeni says:

    Looking darned good, Trav! Just thinking though about the red color -they paint entire barns red so maybe this was to emulate a barn, just on a smaller scale?

  1. Very good looking Travis. I like the black wrought iron. (I think that is what it is)

    When we remodled over half of our house it was horrible to live in all the dust. It took four months, but the end results was wonderful and I had my dream house. Of course four years later we sold it and moved away. :(

    You are almost towards the end and it will be so nice to have that done and over.

  1. our building has been under renovation for several years. Looks like it will soon be over for all of us to enjoy it.

    I like the grey/black color scheme. It's tailored and snazzy, like a tuxedo with a red cummerbund... just a hint of a surprise.

  1. Rick says:

    Wow, are you ambitious, or what! And by the way, your blog now looks so snazzy!

  1. Marsha: It does. There are other buildings with different structures that have more read. We're just getting a small amount.

    NNG: Looking forward to seeing your pictures!

    Charles: It's got quite a bit of orange in it too. Depending on the light, it can shade more or less red.

    GGG: I was going to take a picture this evening when I got home, but the light wasn't good. I'll try to do it early in the day this weekend.

    V: YES!

    Jeff: To Do is getting close to To Done.

    Jamie: I know Mia Michaels is back. Who else did you see?

    Jeni: Good point. I didn't think about that.

    Pam: It is iron. It's much better than the wood railings we had before.

    Lois: I like your description. It does sort of look like that.

    Rick: Well, we kind of had to do the construction because of the condo association...but it certainly qualifies as an ambitious project.

  1. I'm with ya on the red trim but the rest looks wonderful. I think I might like the red building though.

  1. Debra says:

    I'm not a big fan of red either, but it doesn't look too bad on the trim. Eveything looks nice, looks like a lovely condo.

    Sometimes I get a hanking to sell this house we live in and move to a small one bedroom apartment. But then that would involve moving wouldn't it? Nah...maybe not :)

  1. Awesome! Enjoy the deck. We virtually live on ours, of course (although not now that it's 8 million degrees out with humidity.)