Lakers 3, Celtics 3

Posted: Wednesday, June 16, 2010 by Travis Cody in

Desperation is an excellent motivator.

My Lakers faced elimination last night in game 6 and they played like it.  LA dominated the Celtics to even the series at 3 games each, forcing the deciding game 7 on Thursday from Staples Center.

The Lakers' body language was better.  Their energy was up.  The 50/50 balls were mostly going LA's way.  They were often first to the floor after loose balls.  Players looked to drive to the rim and score instead of settle for the first jump shot.  The defense was outstanding.  Players' hands were active, tipping balls and blocking shots.

I like that!  That's how you stand up in an elimination game. 

I was very sorry to see Kendrick Perkins go down in the first quarter for Boston.  He injured his knee and did not return to the game, and is questionable for game 7.  That's really unfortunate. 

So one game from LA for the championship.  My Lakers need to bring last night's effort on Thursday, because Boston figures to play better than they did in game 6.



  1. Mags says:

    I really hope we win-not because I'm a huge basketball fan (though I do like it lots) but because if we lose, it's all anyone will talk about here in Boston! (It's not nearly as bad as football though-I hate the Patriots simply because no one shuts up about them!)

  1. Mags: Well, I gotta root the other way cause I'm a Lakers fan. But whichever way it turns out, the winner will have earned it.