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Welcome to encores and results!

I had to be there for my NBA Champion Lakers last night, so I didn't get a chance to make rounds.  I'll start catching up with y'all tonight and over the weekend.
There was some good stuff on Wednesday's performance show.  Let's see what we liked.

Although this isn't supposed to be about the All Stars, we really enjoyed watching Twitch.  Alexie needs to raise her game with her next dance style and partner if she makes it through this week.  Click here if the clip won't play.

We loved the Afro-jazz routine from Robert and Courtney.  It was good enough for dance of the night.  Click here if the clip won't play.

Dance of the night goes to Alex and Allison, who created a moment with a contemporary routine choreographed by Sonya Tayeh.  I thought this dance was a perfect combination of choreographer, dancers, music, story, and character.  Click here if the clip won't play.

And we have Cat Deeley rocking the LEGSSES in a charming red frock and some intriguing heels.

The Top 11 rocked a dynamic group number choreographed by Cassandra Chavez.  This is the first time she has made a dance for the show, and I'd love to see more from her.

We get right to results, looking for the bottom three.  Alex is safe.  Robert is safe.  Kent is safe.  Lauren is safe.  Billy is safe.  Ashley is safe.  Jose is safe.  AdeChike is safe.

The bottom three is Melinda, Alexie, and Cristina.

Well...I knew that for me, the guys were the stronger group to start.  But I did not anticipate that it would be three gals in danger to start the season.

Guest performers Karine Plantadit and Keith Roberts hit the stage, dancing to That's Life from the Broadway show Come Fly Away, created by Twyla Tharp. They performed this on the Tony Awards show on Sunday.  And it was just as outstanding last night.

Now for solos from our bottom three:
  • Melinda - She's not doing anything for me.  I've seen what she does before.
  • Alexie - I liked what she did, but there's still something missing.
  • Cristina - Now that was hot.  She danced like a gal who wants to stick around, and should.
I didn't realize that the judges still get to decide who goes home.  I thought it was just going to be a bottom three, and then the one with the lowest number of votes is out.  But I guess the judges will still decide who is out from these three.

Musical guest Usher is in the house.  OK.  But you know what I'd rather see?  I want to see our All Stars.  If you've got that amazing stable  of 12 performers already built into the show, how about putting them on stage to dance some amazing choreography every week.

And I'd certainly rather see our All Stars than I would a Justin Bieber video.  Nothing against the kid, but I want more dancing.

Here we go with eliminations.

Nigel says the decision is unanimous.  He tells Melinda that she needs to deliver some warmth and fire to her performances.  He says that Cristina brought the fire but not the steps, and agrees that she did dance for her life.  He tells Alexie that she was too contained and must learn to become more mature in her dancing.

But Alexie won't get a chance to mature on the show because she is the first to be eliminated.  The judges tell her that she is employable as a dancer and will find work.

Alexie Agdeppa

That's too bad.  I think she just got swallowed up by the hip hop routine with Twitch.  It's not his fault.  But her weaknesses were immediately exposed in that performance.

The first week is in the can.  The remaining 10 dancers will be back next week with new routines in different styles, with a different All Star partner.


  1. Sad that she tried out four times to make it and ends up being the first eliminated.

    Even though she was the oldest female, she seems so young.

    Good luck to her.

  1. Marsha says:

    I'm excited about the group this year. The guys are definitely strong!!