Lakers 2, Celtics 1

Posted: Wednesday, June 09, 2010 by Travis Cody in

So last night's game came down to who got more help first...Kobe Bryant or Kevin Garnett.  

Answer is...Kobe.

The Lakers shot slightly less abysmally than Boston.  Although the Celtics shot a few more free throws, they did not shoot a high percentage while the Lakers did.  LA controlled the glass and made the key defensive plays late, including enticing Garnett into a shove on the low block with about 30 seconds to play and the Lakers up by 5.

Boston's bench played well, with Glen Davis scoring 12 points and Tony Allen harassing Kobe in the 4th quarter.  Bryant did score 29 points, but he needed a ton of shots to get there.  He had a couple of key buckets late in the 4th quarter, but it wasn't nearly the kind of dominating performance he usually puts up.

The difference was Derek Fisher.  He scored 11 points in the 4th quarter to keep the Celtics at bay.  And his determined and ferocious defense kept him bouncing off screens all night.  It was effective though, as he and his teammates got Paul Pierce in foul trouble and held Ray Allen to 0-13 from the field.  Garnett had 25 for the Celtics.

So the Lakers gutted out a critical game 3 win to take back home court advantage.  Game 4 is Thursday in Boston.

BTW...I'm not one to harp too much on the officiating.  These finals games are tough to call because they are so physical.  I would prefer less contact all around.  I would also like to see calls made when a defender comes from behind and makes contact with the offensive player's arm.  And I would like to see the illegal screens called.  And one more thing...I would like to see the shoving called as players are trying to get open.

I want those things called both ways please.

But I'm pretty happy right now because we've got 14 wins down and 2 more to get.  If you're a Lakers fan like me, cross your fingers.  If you're a Celtics fan...well, good luck to you.


  1. Finals are shaping up nicely indeed.

    Recapping the last week I was away:

    Your posts on WWII are always so well written and honor those who fought for our freedoms

    Excellent post for Mr. Wooden..a great man...and a talented coach

    You know we agree on what happened with Mr. Joyce and Mr. Galarraga. In the end, I believe the whole situation worked out well for all.

    Loved the Five...Huey is one fun musician

  1. Thanks for the scoop. I haven't had time to watch. I hope to catch at least one game.