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Posted: Wednesday, September 22, 2010 by Travis Cody in

It's encores and results live from Hollywood!

We liked a lot about last night.  In the past we've tried to post the videos and we've tried just posting links to the clips.  I don't know what works best, so let's try both!

These are the long clips, so you get the introductions and rehearsal footage.  Sorry about that.

For my friend Songbird, here's the Viennese Waltz from Kurt and Anna.  I was pleasantly surprised by this dance.  I had in my mind that Kurt would be awkward, but he wasn't.  Click here if the video doesn't play.

Surprise of the night goes to the Cha Cha Cha from Kyle and Lacey, mainly because I don't know much about the young man.  But he's got a great personality, and he can really perform.  His dancing was pretty dang good too.  Click here if the video doesn't play.

I thought Brandy would be good at this, and she was.  Her Viennese Waltz with Maks was stylish and sophisticated.  Click here if the video doesn't play.

Even before the dancing, Rick Fox was a favorite for me.  I'm glad he can actually do this.  His Viennese Waltz with Cheryl was so elegant and the lines he made were exquisite.  Click here if the video doesn't play.

Of course I'm giving dance of the night to the Viennese Waltz from Jennifer and Derek.  It was an emotional tribute to her relationship with Patrick Swayze.  Plus it was wonderful all by itself.  Click here if the video doesn't play.

So was that enough video for you?  HA!

Santana opens the show, accompanied by our pros.  My wish is for more professional dancing on the results shows this season.  Excellent!

Here's a reminder of our first leader board after Monday's performances:

24 Jennifer and Derek
23 Brandy and Maks
23 Kyle and Lacey
22 Rick and Cheryl
19 Audrina and Tony
19 Kurt and Anna
18 Bristol and Mark 
18 Florence and Corky
16 Michael and Chelsie
15 Mike and Karina
15 David and Kym
15 Margaret and Louis

Let's have some results...Michael and Chelsie are safe.  Margaret and Louis are safe.

The band Daughtry is in the ballroom to debut a new single and accompanied by some dancers who are not our pros, but who are still enjoyable.  

More results...Jennifer and Derek are safe.  Rick and Cheryl are safe.  YAY!

Santana returns with vocalist India Arie, accompanied by Louis and Karina dancing an amazing Rumba to While My Guitar Gently Weeps.

More results...Audrina and Tony are safe.  Florence and Corky are safe.

Santana returns once more, this time in a duet with Chris Daughtry and joined by Derek, Lacey, Mark, and Chelsie.

And results...Brandy and Maks are safe.  Bristol and Mark are safe.  Kurt and Anna are safe.  Mike and Karina are safe.  Kyle and Lacey are safe.

That means David and Kym are out.

There you have it.  The first elimination is in the books, and Season 11 is off and dancing.

Tune in next week!

Later gang!


  1. Akelamalu says:

    I guess the reports here that David did well were wrong! ;0

  1. Fire the band and hire Santana for the rest of the season.

  1. Linda says:

    Well, I guess that was a bit of a blow to the old Baywatch ego ...

  1. Akelamalu: I really thought his performance was a bit creepy.

    Charles: Evidently so.

    Driller: Now there's a thought, although I enjoy the house band. It's the singers that are sometimes a bit off.

    Linda: Yup.

  1. Santana was brilliant. I do not think the bald one added anything

    I was not as surprised by the Hof going as Tom was.