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Welcome to encores and results!

I think I made it pretty clear how much I enjoyed the performances on Wednesday.  So I've decided to post the videos of my favorite dances and links to all the rest.

Jazz dancer Jordan and Hip Hop dancer Tadd got things off to a great start with Afro-Jazz choreographed by Sean Cheesman.

Contemporary dancer Sasha and Contemporary dancer Alexander showed their power with Contemporary choreographed by Travis Wall.

Jazz dancer Clarice and Broadway dancer Jess turned on the pizzazz with high energy Broadway choreographed by Tyce Diorio.  Click here if the video doesn't play.

Contemporary dancer Ryan and Contemporary dancer Ricky confused the judges but delighted me with Lyrical Hip Hop choreographed by Christopher Scott.

Contemporary dancer Caitlynn was a beast with Season 7's Robert Roldan instead of partner Mitchell (injured), with Jazz choreographed by Sonya Tayeh.  Click here if the video doesn't play.

Contemporary dancer Miranda and Hip Hop dancer Robert lit up the stage with a fun Jive choreographed by Jason Gilkinson.

Jazz dancer Missy and Break dancer Wadi surprised me with Jazz choreographed by Sean Cheesman.

Contemporary dancer Melanie and Jazz dancer Marko had the dance of the night with Contemporary choreographed by Travis Wall.  Click here if the video doesn't play.

Contemporary dancer Ashley and Hip Hop dancer Chris fell a little bit short with Hip Hop choreographed by Christopher Scott.  Watching it back, I thought they might have been short changed just a little by a choreography concept that didn't quite work.

Ballroom dancer Iveta and Tap dancer Nick were runners up for dance of the night honors with an extraordinary Quickstep.  Click here if the video doesn't play.

If the dancing continues to be this good, I think this will be my format for encores.

I need to write to the hair and make up folks and remind them that Cat's hair is best shown in the wild and wavy style.  I don't like the straight style, but the pink frock is an eye catcher. die for.

Dang!  What an opening!  That hot jazz piece for the Top 20 (it was 19 because Mitchell is out with an injury) was choreographed by Sonya Tayeh.

Let's get to results...Melanie and Marko are safe.  Missy and Wadi are safe.  Iveta and Nick are safe.  Ashley and Chris are safe.  Caitlynn is safe.  Ryan and Ricky are safe.  Sasha and Alexander are safe.

Our bottom three couples...Jordan and Tadd, Clarice and Jess, Miranda and Robert.  Mitchell has been cleared to dance his solo.

Here are the solos:
  • Mitchell - Excellent.  The decision may turn on the strength of his auditions and these 30 seconds.
  • Jordan - She shouldn't be dancing a solo, but she should have danced it better than that.
  • Tadd - He is in no danger tonight.
  • Clarice - That's how you dance to stay in the competition.
  • Jess - Beyond the ability to perform is incredible technique.  He's so light on his feet.
  • Miranda - That was so beautiful.  I would choose her over Jordan based on this dance alone.
  • Robert - So much energy and personality!
If I had to choose...if you made me choose...if I couldn't avoid choosing...if I was a choices would be Jordan and Robert to go home.  Sorry kids, but it has to be somebody.

Check it out.  Lady Gaga has agreed to be a guest judge later in the season.  I'm not really a fan, but I respect the message in the new album.

Final results...

The judges ask Mitchell and Robert to dance again.  That's never happened before.  This is another indication of how tough these decisions are going to be this season.

Now we go to the results for the gals.  Nigel tells Jordan that she is a superb dancer who has everything.  He tells Clarice that he is pleased to watch her dance her solo.  He tells Miranda that her elevation is remarkable.  The choice to go home is...delayed again!

Let's go to the guys.  Nigel tells Jess he is magnificent in his style and doesn't know why he's in the bottom.  He tells Tadd he is creative and admires his versatility.  He tells Robert his big personality will keep him here for awhile.



Nobody goes home!!!

I knew they couldn't choose!

But...2 guys and 2 gals will go home next week.  Nigel wants to give America a chance to see more.

OK.  But I don't know that it's going to get any easier.  Here's what I think...stack the deck for next week's dances and shake everyone up.  Don't let anyone get near their own comfort level and make them stretch.

Then we'll see if they can duplicate the excellence of Wednesday's performances.

As for y'all...get thee to a TV next Wednesday and watch these kids while you can!


  1. What a great review!
    Melanie and Marco captured my attention and gained my respect. Trouble did almost every one else that night. As we've discussed, there was nary a flaw in the whole show. This season is going to be incredible.

  1. TopChamp says:

    I enjoyed watching these, particularly the statues one.