Five on Friday Set 73

Posted: Friday, June 17, 2011 by Travis Cody in

Edit:  I have removed the playlist because even though auto start should be off, it is not.  I apologize for that.  The songs I chose were Washington Post March, Stars and Stripes Forever, Strike Up the Band, The Army Goes Rolling Along, and Star Spangled Banner.

Scroll down for SYTYCD encores and a surprise result!

I'm enjoying my Summer of History Sets, but what to do this week with events from the late 1700s about the US Flag and the origins of the US Army?


I'm a sucker for a strong patriotic march.  Who better for Americans than the March King himself, John Phillip Sousa (1864-1932)?   For Set 73, we'll take three Sousa Marches and combine them with the US Army Ceremonial Band and the US Marine Band.

Sound good?

If you'd like to join in, here are the guidelines:

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Go forth and enjoy music!


  1. Julie says:

    YAY! Kitty came back and didn't have to choose! What a show!

  1. Jamie says:

    Glad I went with my second idea since the Marches of JPS had crossed the brain. A good march can really get your feet moving. Of course feet are attached to legses, so I got you legses instead.

  1. Brilliant move to go for the marches!

    Hearts of Oak, the British Navy/ Canadian Navy song is my sentimental favorite.

  1. I can get into a Sousa march

  1. Linda says:

    Wow - I think this would be my Fourth of July set as I was thinking last night how much I enjoy marches and such! Guess I'll have to rethink my future post while I enjoy this one!

    I'm keeping my Canadian theme this week but no BNL I'm afraid - sorry!

  1. Coco says:

    Finally got here after my morning in hell. Nice set Trav. :) Have a great weekend.

  1. Akelamalu says:

    I love a good march!

  1. a great set to listen to,thanks for it.

  1. Marches! Great choices. I love a good march, too. My dad was a piccolo player and I loved in when he played the solo in Stars and Stripes. Thanks for a great set! Missed your Thursday post - will catch up more after the pain meds wear off.

  1. These are perfect for getting you in the mood to celebrate the 4th of July. Excellent choices, all.