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We likes bootsses, precious, yess we doess. 

We likes the way they caressess the anklesses.

We likes snuggly uggsses.

We likes them for hikesses.

We likes them for cowgalsses.

We likes them with stilletto heelsses.

We likes them with bucklesses.

We even likes them on kitties.

But we likes them best when Pam gets new ones and shows them off to us.  Yes, precious, we likes that a lot.

"Compassion is not weakness, and concern for the unfortunate is not socialism."  Hubert H Humphrey

Reason 22:  Because a young man named Matthew Shepard died on 12 October 1998 because he was gay and the two men who beat him and left him tied to a fence to die in the Wyoming countryside didn't like that.  I blog for Peace in memory of people like Matthew.

Matthew Shepard
1 December 1976 - 12 October 1998
The Matthew Shepard Foundation


  1. Yeah for Pam and her new boots! I can tell you are a little excited?

    Loved the HH quote.

  1. Anonymous says:

    Okay, the boots made me smile. I didn't get the shoe gene in my family, but enough of the other females did that I still get a kick out of those who enjoy shoes or . . . 'bootssess.' Thanks for the smile, Trav. Yea for Pam!

  1. Rick says:

    What with my family coming from the Deep South, we just count ourselves lucky to have shoes at all!

  1. Pam got new boots didn't she...

  1. Cherie says:

    You are a character, my precious. lol


    Someone catch me pleaseeee