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Posted: Saturday, February 02, 2013 by Travis Cody in

I don't typically gamble on sporting events.  I may fill out a bracket for the NCAA tournament for fun.  In a year when I have no rooting interest in the Super Bowl, I could be enticed to buy a few squares in an office pool.

It's rare when I don't have some rooting interest though, and of course this year my 49ers are in it.  Even back when the Rams played the Patriots in Super Bowl XXXVI in 2002, I despised St Louis slight more than New England and was rooting for the Rams to loose.  Some years are like that.

I remember watching that game at my sister's place.  She had about 20 people over for a party and there were several pools going.  I didn't buy any squares, but there was one gal who had a few on each of the pools.  She was a Patriots fan like I'm a Raider fan...ever since she was a toddler she had rooted for New England.

If you recall the game, the Rams tied it at 17 in the 4th quarter.  My sister actually had a couple of winning squares after the third quarter when NE was up 17-3.  Then the Rams came storming back in the 4th.  Then Adam Vinateiri kicked the game winning field goal as time expired, and NE won 20-17.  The game is widely considered one of, if not the, best Super Bowls ever played.

Now this gal who was a Patriots fan...just before that field goal, she realized that she had winning 4th quarter squares if the game went into overtime tied at 17.  Add all of those pools up, and it came to about $2,000.  So she's in a position of needing the game to be tied to get some cash, but wanting the Patriots to win right then and not take a chance in OT.  She had herself tied in knots wanting Vinateiri to make the kick but also wanting to win the pool.

She did end up with one of those 7 boxes, so she got to be a Super Bowl champion fan and take home a little cash.  I avoid those situations by not gambling when my team is involved.  I don't need the distraction.

So when my buddy at work asked me yesterday if I wanted to buy a few squares in the office pool, I said no.  Pam and I will be huddled here at home watching the game.  I'll be a wreck...not just because I want my 49ers to win and be 6-0 in Super Bowls.  But also because I despise the Ravens.

Pam and I were relieved not to face a 49er-Seahawk NFC championship game, although she'd obviously prefer Seattle in the Super Bowl.  She isn't sure she can actively root for SF, but she's with me on despising the Ravens.

Enjoy your Super Bowl Sunday! 

Go 'Niners!


  1. I'm not a huge fan of either, but I really rather dislike the Ravens so I'll be rooting for SF too. A shame about the Ravens since they have the only "literary" related moniker in the league.

  1. Jean(ie) says:

    I'm a former Titans fan and Titans and Ravens do not get along. LOL! Me having had a HUGE crush on Steve Young a while back, and adoring Jerry Rice, I'm more of a Niners fan.

    If the Seahawks made it, I'd root for them. They're my new home team.

    I'm like you, I love filling out the Basketball brackets, even though I don't know squat about the teams. I'm the equivalent of a monkey throwing darts at the chart to pick the winner. ;-)

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  1. I'm a Boston gal so you know I love my Patriots and my Red Sox. Having said that, I can honestly say that I do not despise any team, including our long-time rivals, New York. I will actually watch a Yankees game if the Sox aren't playing. NY has an awesome team and I enjoy a great game, not so much just the team, per se.

    I use to do the football pool in the office back in my corporate days, but I never bet on sports.

    Have a great time watching the game! I'll start out watching it but I can almost guarantee you I'll be asleep before halftime! It's way past my bed time! haha!

    PS. Sorry about the delete... I messed it up and and couldn't leave it like that!

    OCD much? :)

  1. As a life long Cowboys fan, I have to rooting interest in this game. I just think it's cool that two brothers face off as head coaches. I hope it's a good game and a close game because if it starts to get out of hand, I will lose interest and find something else to do.
    During the playoffs I was hoping that Atlanta would be the vehicle that would get Tony Gonzalez his first ring, but it was not to be.

  1. Jeff B says:

    Been a Niners fan forever. (yes, even during the lean years of late) Nice to see them back at the big dance.

    Part of me wants them to mop up the Ravens with a pile of points, but I still think I'd rather it be close.

  1. I got involved cleaning the kitchen and totally forgot about the Super Bowl. People on Facebook told me there was a blackout.
    I missed the best part!!!!!

    (go 49ers...)

  1. The Niners made the second half enjoyable; I just wish they had pulled it off. I was disgusted by seeing the Ravens win. Sigh.......