Not 6-0

Posted: Monday, February 04, 2013 by Travis Cody in

So my 49ers are not Super Bowl champions today.  Bummer.

They did nearly pull off the greatest come back in Super Bowl history. 

But they came up short. 

Ordinarily I would post a congratulations to the winner.  Unfortunately I just can't bring myself to do it.

Call me a sore loser if you must, but I won't post a congratulations in this space after a team I despise...and I despise the Baltimore Ravens...beat my 49ers.  Just not happening.

Sorry about that if you're a Ravens fan.

For me, it's time now to concentrate completely and intently on college basketball.  I've got a lot to enjoy there with Duke, Indiana, Gonzaga, and Butler playing really well.  In fact, all four teams are in the AP Top 10 and IU may be on it's way back to the #1 ranking after defeating previous #1 Michigan on Saturday.

Bring on the Madness!!


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  1. Well, I thought about you a few times during the game. I know how you love your 49ers and love to hate the Ravens. It was a good game overall and it was very cool for the Harbaugh brothers, handsome devils that they are, to both make it to the Super Bowl - and in the same year! Someone has to win and someone has to lose. Happens every time. Honestly, I was enjoying not caring who won and being able to just enjoy the game for a change!

    I don't do any college sports so I'll be waiting for baseball season now!

    Have a lovely Monday, Trav!

  1. Jean(ie) says:

    I didn't even watch. I sewed instead. Just wasn't into it. I did hear the lights went out. You know someone's head is going to roll over that.

    March Madness is way more exciting. Much better sportsmanship, too!

  1. I was rooting for the 49ers but am glad it was a pretty good game.

  1. I'm shocked that you admit you are a sore looser. I watched it through half time and then did the dishes.

    Here's to MM.

  1. Anonymous says:

    We watched the game, but it was mostly a differnt kind of 'bowl' game at my house. It was a food bowl. Lotso food and lotso bowls! Sorry the outcome wasn't what you hoped for, but they did give their fans some hope in the second half, right up to the end. GGG

  1. I didn't have a team in the Super Bowl this year, so I was happy that it turned out to be a close game.
    It's been a good week on the college front. On Saturday Oklahoma State beat No. 2 Kansas at Lawrence and last night the Arkansas Razorbacks took down the new No. 2 Florida Gators at home. Arkansas has no shot at going to the tournament this year, but last night is a win that they can be proud of.

  1. You're right - now we can fully concentrate on college hoops.

    GO DAWGS! :)