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Posted: Wednesday, April 10, 2013 by Travis Cody in

It's encores and results!

There was some good stuff on Monday's performance show.  Here's what we liked.

I'm going to give DL and Cheryl a spot here for encores.  We thought their Foxtrot was quite charming.  Scroll forward to about 1:40 for the dance.

I thought Jacoby might struggle with the ballroom styles.  He didn't.  We liked his Foxtrot with Karina.  Scroll forward to about 1:59 for the dance.

Kellie got to dance a romantic Rumba with Derek to music sung live by her husband.  Yeah, we liked that.  Scroll forward to about 2:00 for the dance.

My blog pal Cherie made a good point that the Samba from Zendaya and Val may have been negatively impacted by the choice of dark costumes instead of bright colors.  Watching it back, I have to agree.  We liked the performance but missed the flamboyant flavor of a typical Samba.  Scroll forward to about 1:47 for the dance.

Dance of the night honors go to the Contemporary from Aly and Mark.  Her quality of movement honestly matched the emotion she put into the performance.  Scroll forward to about 2:08 for the dance.

There were other good performances as well. 

Here's a quick reminder of our leader board after Monday:

27 Aly and Mark
26 Kellie and Derek
26 Zendaya and Val
24 Jacoby and Karina
23 Ingo and Kym
21 Andy and Sharna
21 DL and Cheryl
20 Sean and Peta
18 Lisa and Gleb
18 Victor and Lindsay

Ahhh...equal time.  Last week we got an all male pro routine.  This week, the female pros lead off with the gals from our Troupe.  That's worth 5 YEOWZAs out of 5!  Sharna choreographed the piece.

First results...Aly and Mark are safe.  Zendaya and Val are safe.  Kellie and Derek are safe.  Ingo and Kym are safe.

The judges select the Contemporary from Aly and Mark for the encore.

More results...Jacoby and Karina are safe.  Sean and Peta are safe.

Brad Paisley is in the ballroom, accompanied by Tony and Peta.

AT&T Spotlight features a young ballet dancer who is legally blind.  She gets to dance a duet with Derek.  She says that she can do anything anyone else can do...she just has to work a little differently at it.  Not harder...just differently.  Now that's a great way to view a disability, yes?

Interesting music duet...Andrea Bocelli and Jennifer Lopez, accompanied by David Foster on piano, with a dance assist from Val and the lovely Anna Trebunskaya.  That was wonderful.

Final results...DL and Cheryl are safe.  Andy and Sharna are safe.  Victor and Lindsay are safe.

That means Lisa and Gleb are eliminated.

It's too bad she goes out after being ill all week and not really getting a chance to rehearse.  I think she had a good run.

Tune in next week for something new called a side by side challenge.  Could be fun!

Cheers gang!


  1. Cherie says:

    Looks like the judges agreed with your dance of the night pick. I am very sorry that Lisa was ill, but I'm not disappointed that she was eliminated. Even when she was at 100%, she gave me a pain. And thanks for the shout out! :)

  1. You might enjoy checking out Anna Young over at Awards Circuit. She writes about DWTS throughout the season as well plus the whole Clayton Davis run site is great for Film and TV reviews.

  1. Anonymous says:

    Omg, missed both nights! GN had her braces adjusted and was miserable so I was on Grammy duty. Glad to read your recap. Tnx. GGG

  1. I'm amazed that DL is still in the hunt. I can't really argue with the elimination of Lisa and Wynonna the past couple of weeks, but DL has to be on the short list for elimination now.