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Posted: Wednesday, May 01, 2013 by Travis Cody in

It's encores and results!

I thoroughly enjoyed Monday's Festival of Tiny Costumes.  Here are the routines we felt worthy of encore recognition.

We thought Sean danced a credible Rumba with Peta.

We enjoyed the Salsa from Aly and Mark, although we did think it was over-scored.

I easily could have given dance of the night honors to the Samba from Kellie and Derek.  Scroll forward to about 2:01 for the dance.

Instead, dance of the night goes to the Paso Doble from Zendaya and Val, We thought it was under-scored.  The judges fussed about her chin being down.  Maybe that's not correct technique, but it sure did emphasize Paso aggression.  I thought the dance was perfect.

Good stuff there.'s what Louis van Amstel and Anna Trebunskaya had to say about Latin Night.

Here's a reminder of our leader board after the dance off results were added to the individual scores.

29+immunity Kellie and Derek
29+3 = 32 Aly and Mark
27+3 = 30 Zendaya and Val
27 Jacoby and Karina
22+3 = 25 Ingo and Kym 
24 Sean and Peta
17 Andy and Sharna

First results come from last night...Kellie and Derek won immunity so they are safe.

Micheal Buble returns to the ballroom.  We always enjoy when he visits DWTS.  Our pros and Troupe provide an excellent Foxtrot assist.

The judges select the Salsa from Aly and Mark as the encore.  Now that performance was well worth the 29 it scored last night.

More results...Zendaya and Val are safe.  Aly and Mark are safe.

AT&T Spotlight features a woman named Tawanda Jones who teaches dance and drill team to young girls in the inner city.  She helps them with a safe place to be and with their school work.  The program is called Camden Sophisticated Sisters.  DWTS is donating dance mirrors to the water tower in the city of Camden NJ where the program is based.

Adrian Haslett is a ballroom dancer who lost her lower leg in the Boston marathon bombings.  She is determined to dance again.  DWTS is following her recovery and has already invited her to come on the show to dance.

Macy's Stars of Dance features Allison Holker and tWitch Boss dancing to the music of violinist Lindsay Sterling.  I love the fusion of hip hop and contemporary with that beautiful violin music.  Outstanding work.

Here's one more performance from our pros and Troupe before we get final results.  That was choreographed by Sheryl Murakami.

Final results...Sean and Peta are safe.  Jacoby and Karina are safe.  Ingo and Kym are safe.

That means Andy and Sharna are eliminated.

It was time.  Andy had a good run, but he has taken it as far as he can.  I applaud his ongoing journey to stay sober.  And well done to Sharna for a terrific first season as a pro partner.

Tune in next week when our remaining couples have an individual dance and a trio round.

Later gang!


  1. Cherie says:

    Yup, it was Andy's time. I'm very impressed that he made it this far. Now, we're getting down to business. And, Jacoby in the bottom 3. I would have never guessed that. Thought that he'd have a deeper fan base, but the number of couples is tightening up. Soon you could be in the top 3 and bottom 3 at the same time.