Mo's Manic Monday - Green

Posted: Monday, May 14, 2007 by Travis Cody in

Welcome to another Manic Monday. Don't forget to visit MMHQ at It's A Blog Eat Blog World. Today's word is Green.

I actually would have preferred to write something for today, but unpacking my books took priority. While it doesn't really take that long to get 1000 books out of 40 boxes, it does take some time and careful consideration to get them properly shelved.

Well, it does if you have to have them alphabetized by author with the history section shelved separately. Don't laugh! It's important if I'm to have a proper library.

So what has this got to do with Green? Well, I'm done! OK, I'm mostly done. But the transformation from dining room to library is complete. And now this is the lush little forest I can see out my library window.

Now you can see that I have five bookcases. The odd one in the far left corner by the window is the history shelf. Once those books have been put away, all my bookcases will be full.

Here's the problem. About a third of the books here go on the history bookcase. The rest are spill over and I'm out of room!

So now I get to come up with a solution. I can always hang a series of shelves next to the tall bookcase in the foreground on the right. There's a good space right there for three shelves.

We're making slow and steady progress and we're still having fun!


  1. julie says:

    Hmmm wine,candles and ummmm.....BUNGEE cords? What's up sweetie?

  1. Matt-Man says:

    Ahhhh it's so refreshing to come across a person who reads. Cheers Trav.

  1. Turnbaby says:

    Wonderful Trav! I am envious as we still don't have my 'library' sorted out so my books are in boxes in the basement. The new ones have now filled the entertainment cabinet in the formal LR. The DH--well he just shakes his head. Your library--plus that view--lovely


  1. Steven says:

    That view in NYC...$5 Billion! Gorgeous!

  1. NOLADawn says:

    I totally understand the importance of shelving books right! I just wish my husband did ;)

  1. Lizza says:

    I have a serious case of book envy. I have lots of books too, but it's always great to see other people's books. Plus, your view is LOVELY!

  1. debalious says:

    Great library - my house in Duluth is 107 years old and has a beautiful old fashioned library - something like Jay Gatsby would create...We have totally filled it to where it overflowth...

  1. Comedy + says:

    Your bookshelves look like mine. Full to the brim. I love to READ. I love the feel of books, the smell of books... One can use all their senses on books. Happy MM Trav :)

  1. ummmm, well you could GET RID of some??? hey trav, that's the first time i ever saw a jar of bungee cords! what's up with that? and where is the cake or where does it fit into the whole room? just askin'... it looks lovely honey, just kiddin' you!

    smiles, bee

  1. Rebecca says:

    Lovely...and beautiful...and peaceful. Can I come over? *hugs*

  1. It was worth cleaning it out, just to get that view, wasn't it? Happy MM!

  1. Maryfly says:

    dude! that's a LOT of books. I read a book a week at least but I get them from the library. I only keep my all time favs. Wish I could peruse your collection


  1. Travis says:

    Julie: The bungee cords actually belong in the vehicle. The wine and candles...well, that should be self-evident!

    Matt: I've loved books and reading since I was little.

    Turn: I've wanted this kind of thing for a long time. You gotta do it!

    Steven: It is great, isn't it? But $5B???

    Noladawn: It's critical, isn't it?

    Lizza: This is finally my reward after lugging them around with me all these years.

  1. Travis, I'm green with envy over your book shelves/library. Awesome! Great post as always.

  1. I'm a bibliophile as well, dear Trav. If I could, I would have floor to ceiling bookcases on every available wall space in my house.


  1. well done travis, i like the view.

  1. Danielle says:

    Hiya Trav,
    Gotta love books. I have a measly one bookshelf since I am a recovering book addict. Now I borrow more than I buy. I wanted to share a few history books I have mostly that have been assigned for school:
    The Course of Mexican History
    Thinking through the past
    The promise and performance of american democracy
    Nation of Nations
    The Complete Idiot's Guide to American History
    Western Civilization to 1500

    As always wishing you well

  1. Natalie says:

    My bookcases are in alphabetical order by author and I have a separate non-fiction bookcase that is ordered by topic. I totally understand.

  1. TopChamp says:

    Pleased to see the bottle there... nothing like a bit of wine to wind down after a heavy unpacking session. The view is great - fits the theme well!

  1. Wow... There are so few bloggers out there that can actually read.

    I am impressed.

    Looks like a good successful project coming along just fine.

    Later Y'all

  1. lisa says:

    that's a great library (and view)! and gotta have wine too....

  1. Jay says:

    Too many books - a problem no one should complain about.

    I have few enough shelves, but a great solution - I loan them all out!

  1. Travis says:

    Deb: That's my ultimate goal - when I retire I want to be able to have a formal library with floor to ceiling bookcases lining every wall. For now, this will do.

    Comedy: Yup. Me too.

    Bee: **gasp** Get rid of some?? Never! I have 2 more bungee jars in the closet.

    Rebecca: It is all of those things and more.

    Mz J: Yup. And notice that my reading chair is on a swivel for maximum exposure to the whole room and the view.

    Mary: I enjoy going to the public library, but I find I don't want to return the books!

  1. Travis says:

    Alice: Now I just have to make sure everything is updated in my catalog.

    Songbird: Yup. Now I really feel like I'm home.

    Sarge: Thank you Sir. It is nice.

    Danielle: I think I'm beyond recovery at this point. Thanks for the suggestions.

    Natalie: Yes you do understand. I like to keep my history section and my classics separate, otherwise everything else mixes in together.

    TC: That's actually on older empty bottle - the fresh stuff is chilling.

  1. Travis says:

    Melon: It's getting there. I still need to do reference, but that has to wait for the office to be organized.

    Lisa: This was one of the main selling points of the condo. When I saw the size of the dining area, I knew it would be perfect.

    Jay: There can never be too many books! I rarely loan mine...been burned a couple of times.

  1. JohnH985 says:

    I am constantly running out of room for books. I see one of the books you have is The Essential Ellison. He is one of my favorite writers.

  1. Neila says:

    Dude! I am soooooo coming to hang out at your place. What an amazing spot! The books. The view! It's a little vacation spot right in your own home! Lovely!

  1. Most of my relatives were educators, my brother is a professor, so I come by the book gene naturally. Hubman doesn't understand why the need to keep a book after reading it and I cannot explain it to him. The extent of his reading is Golf Magazine and the bible. I did manage to part with over 25 boxes at my infamous garage sale. I did that last July as well. My brother has a huge library with the neatest dormer windows but neither of us have your wonderful view! Congratulations!

  1. A little more of what's in that GREEN wine bottle and you won't care that not all the history books fit. ;)

  1. Travis says:

    John: I do enjoy Ellison. And I am out of space. Time to get creative.

    Neila: It does have the feel of a little vacation cabin, doesn't it?

    Gracie: I would have a tough time parting with any of my books. I can't even conceive of it right now.

    Parlancheq: Well that's another way to look at it.

  1. Hey, thanks for the comment on my Manic Monday, you inspired a whole new post. I gave you credit and a link for inpsiring me! Take care.

  1. tiggerprr says:

    I'm envious of your library, and your view! Looks awesome! :)

  1. Claire says:

    I want a library! That looks like a lovely place to chill out and read :)