Nothing to do

Posted: Saturday, February 11, 2012 by Travis Cody in

Been awhile since I woke up on a Saturday morning with nothing on the schedule.  I get to sit in front of the TV today and get reacquainted with college basketball.

That makes me happy.

I don't mind running errands on Saturday.  But now that football is over, we can do our errands on Sunday and spend Saturdays preparing for March Madness.


  1. Jean says:

    March madness. bring it on. I love filling out the brackets and trying to guess who wins. No, I won't watch the games, but I love choosing the teams. For me it's roulette...

  1. Cherie says:

    Ah, it's great to have some down time. Enjoy your day!

  1. Arkansas may get to dance this year. They do need to win a road game though.
    Like you, spent the day watching some hoops for a change.

  1. I love having nothing on my schedule. That's why we book most of our fun things (like seeing comedy or a play) last minute. If it's scheduled, it seems more like obligation than fun. Of course that means I'm never going to see certain popular Broadway shows, but I've learned to live with that. :)

  1. Anonymous says:

    Funny thing. . . I always hated March Madness because of how it affected traffic near where I work. But with my granddaughter playing b-ball, I'm enjoying March more than I used to.

  1. Isn't that what everyone does on Saturdays - watch college hoops?